Marblehead Lighthouse Glowing in the Fog

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that thick fog had settled on this Friday night in early December.  One of my first stops was Chandler Hovey Park where I was hoping to capture Marblehead Lighthouse glowing in the fog.

I knew that the holiday lights had been set up and were lit but I was really hoping that the bright green beacon atop the light might offer something special with the fog.  One of the greatest qualities of thick fog is that it helps clarify light and, in this case, was able to show the gaps in light where the framing of […]

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Marblehead Light on Chandler Hovey Park

Call it what you like but, in the right light, Marblehead light is a singularly beautiful lighthouse.  This image of Marblehead Lighthouse seen on Chandler Hovey Park comes from a July boat ride/photoshoot around the waters of Marblehead.  We got to this point at just the right time and hit incredible soft backlight which bathed Marblehead Light and Abbot Hall in the distance in a soft glow.  You can just make out a few boats moored at the mouth of the harbor but what stands out is the incredible structure of Marblehead Light.

With the orange light of sunset and the […]

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Storm Chasing at Chandler Hovey Park

People’s Choice Award – Marblehead Festival of Arts 2014
I went out this afternoon to chase after some big cumulus clouds that had formed over Marblehead harbor.  While I managed to get a few shots of those with a harbor still filled with boats, I began to feel a bit dismayed as grey skies seemed to swallow up those cumulus clouds.  I decided to head towards Chandler Hovey Park to see if I could get a better angle on the approaching cloud formation and saw this.

This image is a 6-shot panorama at 17mm which should give you some sense of the […]

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Watching the Storm Roll In From Cove Beach

We had what seemed like an endless run of rainy days to end August and begin September.  On this particular day (Sept 1st), the sky cleared shortly before noon and promised only a few hours of relief.  I decided to take advantage of the brief respite to head out and shoot under what should have been good light.

I quickly decided to head to Marblehead Neck and then made stops at most of the public ways.  I ended at Cove Lane and stopped at the top of the chairs to survey this scene that lay before me.  As you can see, […]

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Sunset at Marblehead Light

With over 300 images in the queue waiting to see the light of day, I thought I would go to the bottom of the pile and see what I was out shooting four years ago.  This image of Marblehead Light and a great sunset jumped out at me.  There is something about that green glow against the deep blue sky that just ‘fits’.  Turns out it was taken almost exactly four years ago – Sept 9, 2009.  Seemed like a good shot to start the week.

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Turn to Clear Vision

For a while, I had an Experimental Friday theme going on this site.  I was looking back through my archive and found this image taken on June 21, 2012 and not yet shared that seemed to fit nicely with that theme.  This was taken on an outing at Chandler Hovey Park with my kids while trying out a borrowed lens (the fabled Canon 135mm f/2).  I shot with that lens and came away with some favorite images of my children (there’s a reason they call it magical and claim there’s fairy dust sprinkle liberally inside).  I couldn’t help myself when […]

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Best Seat for a Sunset – Chandler Hovey Park in Marblehead

I wanted to post a photo from the archive and started going back through the past few months.  Despite the recent warm Spring weather, it felt way too early for an image of snow.  I ended up at this image taken on December 15th, 21012 at Chandler Hovey Park.  I’m pretty sure this was an unseasonable warm Winter day* and I recall taking a photo of the Marblehead Savings Bank menorah a half hour earlier.  As the sun set, the clouds suggested a nice sunset was in store and I drove out to the lighthouse to see about capturing it.

I […]

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Marblehead Light Under the Stars

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I had gone out to Chandler Hovey park on Sunday at sunset hoping to catch the tail end of a large coronal mass ejection with promises of auroras in the night sky.  I was fortunate that a nice sunset developed and, after capturing it, returned to the car to warm up (it was in the 30s but the wind was whipping across the water) and change to my wide angle lens.  I then set up this composition and waited.

The tricky part with stars is that the camera is able to capture much more than […]

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Summer Sunset at Chandler Hovey Park

Is it too early for a ‘warm’ picture?  It’s been freezing lately and this morning is no exception.  As I watched the election results roll in last night, I combed through my photo archive (currently with 268 images waiting to post) and settled on this shot taken on August 2nd.  The image struck me for the warm feel coming from the colors of the sunset.  There is a whole lot more happening here though which is what drew me to this scene in the first place.

First you have the brightly colored sails on the water.  There’s a family gathered on […]

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Lighthouse Reflections at Sunset

If yesterday’s post was the ‘rule breaker’, this one is toeing the line when it comes to composition.  You’ll note the lighthouse in the left third of the frame, the leading lines formed by the grass bringing the viewer’s eye to the base of the lighthouse and then extending up in the form of the clouds over the water.

So, which do you prefer – the ‘rule breaker’ or ‘rule follower’?

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