Chandler Hovey Park and Children’s Island

An image from mid-February captured as I headed out in search of the full moon and ended up with a really nice winter sunset as a bonus.  I had been shooting wide angle shots encompassing the nearly empty harbor with the few working boats moored in its protective waters when I saw this composition.  I zoomed in so that Chandler Hovey Park and Marblehead Light were visible under the soft pink hues of sunset while including the whole of Children's Island just beyond. The setting sun added a brilliant warm glow to the scene and the snow served to break [...]

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Brown’s Island Covered in Snow

Still in the archives but moving a bit closer to the present day with this image from January 3rd, 2014.  I had gone out at high tide after the Nor'easter / Blizzard swept through.  After capturing the impressive power of the waves crashing against the causeway and at Devereux Beach, I made my way out to Little Harbor and stopped along Beacon Street where I was awed by the level of the water at high tide. You can see the ledge and ladder on the left of the image and, if you have seen it during normal tides, might appreciate [...]

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Fall in Marblehead – Peak Foliage on Brown’s Island

And so it absolutely perfect Fall day in Marblehead that began at Tedesco Country Club, continued at Ware Pond and the pond off Whittier Road, headed onto Beacon Street, now comes to a close with this view of peak foliage on Brown's Island.  By the time I reached an area from which to capture this image of peak foliage on Brown's Island, the clouds had started to build and were obstructing the sun all too often.  I had to wait for just the right moment at which some rays of light made their way through a helped illuminate the [...]

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Giant Steps are what you Take – Ram Island

Am I the only one who thinks this looks like a giant foot about to step on Ram Island?  If not, I bet you'll at least have the classic Police song stuck in your head for the next few hours ;) Have a great weekend.

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Of Sailboats, Landmarks and Marblehead Harbor seen from Children’s Island

At the end of July, we went out to Children's Island where my son was spending two weeks at camp.  I shared an image taken from aboard the Hannah Glover previously but had kept this one taken from the island.  As we were getting ready to leave Children's Island, I noted these three sailboats moored in the mouth of the island's harbor with Marblehead lighthouse and Abbot Hall visible in the distance under great clouds.  I positioned myself such that each landmark fell within the triangular lines of the two sailboats and clicked the shutter when I felt the sailboat [...]

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Walking Home from Brown’s Island

The tides in Little Harbor and the way that roads appear and disappear between the mainland and both Gerry Island and Brown's Island have always amazed me.  I found myself at this spot in search of an image of the full moon one evening in July.  As I waited, I noted this group walking along the now submerged path from Brown's Island.  I caught a few photos as they walked through the water but this one of the leader looking back was my favorite. If you didn't know there was a path underfoot, the image would probably seem eerie and [...]

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Turning the Corner at Brown’s Island

Last week, a good friend took me out on his boat.  We started off at Salem Harbor and explored the outer shores of Marblehead and the Neck.  By 7pm, we were approaching Brown's Island via Doliber Cove.  As we headed in, Brown's Island rotated and the sky opened up and I was given this perfect scene of golden light with Marblehead Lighthouse seen in the distance. I mentioned previously that I took a LOT of shots on this two hour trip.  Much of that was due to the conditions with light changing rapidly and the need to keep adjusting to [...]

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North Goosebury Island Under the Clouds

On Tuesday night, a good friend invited me out for a boat ride at 6pm.  My wife and kids were still in Virginia (I had been down there revisiting DC the prior week) and so I jumped at the opportunity.  A quick stop at Mino's for dinner and a cooler of refreshments accompanied us as we headed down to Salem harbor.  Once on board, the sun cleared a cloud bank and we were treated to some incredible light.  Seth took me around Naugus head and Peaches Point and then around Marblehead Neck before heading out towards Baker's Island. As we [...]

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Looking out over Gerry Island from Fort Sewall

On the same day that I captured a new (to me) composition of the road under a tree at Fort Sewall which I shared yesterday, I also snagged this image of Gerry Island at sunset.  While the light was not as spectacular as I might have hoped (though it ended up making up for it later...), the golden glow was reflected off the water below and lit up the nearby grass to great effect.  I needed to put in quite a bit of work to tease out all the great light and potential in this image and decided to show [...]

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Tinkers Island Under Storm Clouds

On May 24th, the grey clouds that had covered us for days finally parted and, as they left, a storm churned off the coast.  I went out after work while the light was strong and stopped at a number of spots to capture the not too distant storm. This image came from a stop at a home along Ocean Avenue.  I've photographed from this spot before and am always amazed at how much the same scene can vary based on weather conditions.  This time, I decided to focus on Tinkers Island in the distance as the light was best at [...]

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