Lights on the Causeway

This image comes from the morning of February 6 and followed the image of the tree at Fort Sewall.  When I composed that wider shot to include the snow covered branches of the tree, I had noticed the bright lights of the causeway shining at regular intervals.  I decided to reposition the camera near the edge of the walkway at the fort and zoom in to highlight the alternating lights against the clouds and sky in the blue hour of dawn.

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48 Hours To Go

We are in the final 48 hours of the Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for printing a beautiful hard cover coffee table book of my images of Marblehead.  The original funding goal has been met.  We are now less than $500 (as of this writing) from the second goal to produce a larger book (11×11 144 pages instead of the original 10×10 120 pages).

Pledge your support today:

Below is a sneak peak of one of the sections in near-final format:


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The Perfect Birthday Present for a Certain Photographer in your Life

So as luck would have it, the idea for the Wednesdays in Marblehead Coffee Table book came together in January and all of the pieces fell into place for me to start the Kickstarter campaign to help fund it in early February.  With the 30-day funding window, that meant my birthday would fall in the middle of the funding cycle.  I had hoped to reach the minimum pledge level by my birthday and was awestruck when I did so back on February 13!

Having reached the minimum level at which I could get a good size book published (10×10 120 pages), […]

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Wednesdays in Marblehead – Book of Landscape Photographs

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Kickstarter Campaign – Help me Produce a Beautiful Coffee Table Book

Today, I am launching my 30-day Kickstarter campaign to produce a beautiful 120 page full color hardcover coffee table book of over 100 of my favorite images of Marblehead.  The costs to design, proof and print the minimum of 1,000 books is over $15,000 which means I cannot succeed without your help.

I have put together a Kickstarter campaign to help raise $11,000 toward the final goal.  You have a chance to receive the book at a discounted price buy purchasing it now and will receive additional benefits based on your pledge level.  Please visit my Kickstarter page, watch the video, […]

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The Old Spite House of Marblehead, MA

Did you know Marblehead can lay claim to one of a few spite houses in the United States?  Spite houses, as the name implies, were built to spite neighbors for the most part.  Some are impossibly narrow to squeeze between houses and/or to serve to block light and air from reaching the hated neighbor.  The one in Marblehead easily has the oddest shape and structure but the reasons for it seem to be a bit of a mystery.

The house, built in  1716, stands at the intersection of Orne Street and Gas House Lane.  It is quite narrow at 10 feet […]

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Lone Sailboat in the Ocean

This image seemed like a nice way to end the week.  I took this shot on July 16, 2013 while out with a friend on a cruise in the waters around Marblehead.  The way the sun light hit this lone sailboat in the ocean and reflected off its sails instantly captured my attention.  The great texture in the calm waters hit me next and I decided to go with a vertical orientation for the image to highlight both.

Enjoy the weekend.

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A Wednesday in Marblehead poem – by franki elliot

A few weeks ago, I happened to read a poem shared by a friend from my Internal Medicine residency and written by her sister – franki elliot (she always uses the lowercase so I am too).  It was a brilliant piece and I wound up reading more of her works including one of her published books.

One of the more incredible things that franki does is write typewriter stories on the spot for strangers.  The pieces are based on single words and come out with such power that you expect they would have taken weeks to craft rather than minutes.  It […]

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New Years Starts with a Storm

Just three days into 2014 and Marblehead got walloped with almost two feet of snow to go along with truly arctic conditions.  Once the snow died down on Friday, I decided to head out and try to capture the storm during the noon high tide.

I started off on Ocean Avenue intending to shoot the causeway up close but found 12″ of ocean water in the middle of the street and no way to safely cross it.  I decided to go with plan B which was climbing to the rocks at Goldthwait beach.  While the walk wasn’t terrible (though I’m still […]

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Top 13 of 2013 – Best Images of the Year

As we near the end of the year, I decided to look back and try to choose my favorite 13 images of 2013.  I reviewed all 257 images taken in the past year and was able to narrow down to 35 photos that stood out from the rest – whether due to composition, light or the backstory of how the image came to be.  I then turned to my Facebook page for help in narrowing down to a final 13.  While the choices made by the public were both interesting and helpful in making my final choices, in the end, […]

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