Headliner – News Story on Wednesdays in Marblehead

On Wednesday, October 29, I met with James Maroney of Marblehead TV for an interview about Wednesdays in Marblehead, the book and a ‘behind the scenes’ of what I do.  We met on the rail trail and talked as I scouted out the location and captured a few images.  The interview airs tonight at 6:30pm on MHTV (Comcast Channel 8; Verizon Channel 28).  I’m not usually much for interviews but James did a great job and I hope you enjoy watching this one.

This image was captured during the interview.

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A Tree Lined Path in the Fog

On July 21, dense fog descended on Marblehead in what one local described as a Smokey Sou’Wester.  The fog was thick near the water but would clear quickly inland.  I had left my car on Beacon Street near Grace Oliver beach and walked with the camera and tripod around the bend toward Fountain Park.

I passed this small road lined by trees and recalled shooting this scene in similar conditions years ago.  It was a foggy day but much later in the year with many of the trees bare and had chosen a horizontal orientation.

On this day, I decided on the […]

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Tax Free Weekend!

It’s Tax Free Weekend – Perfect Time to Pick Up the Wednesdays in Marblehead book
Tax Free Weekend in Massachusetts makes this a perfect time to buy your copy of the Wednesdays in Marblehead book, calendar or one of many prints.
I am going to have an Open House today from 10am to 5pm for you to come in and pickup your copy of the book or see the many printing options available.  Any orders placed today online or locally will be tax free.  And don’t forget to use your Kickstarter coupon for an extra 10% off!

You can order online and select […]

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All Along the Causeway

For months, Marblehead has rallied around one special girl with cancer.  When word spread that her favorite color was blue and a simple request made to put up a blue ribbon to brighten her day, the community response was overwhelming.  Trees, houses, schools, fire trucks, garbage trucks all began sporting a variety of blue ribbons.

Today, the Make a Wish foundation and a number of locals put on a show of support.  Megan was to be driven around Marblehead inside of a white limo on her way to her own premiere at the Warwick Theater in town to celebrate with a […]

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Orange Dinghy in Marblehead Harbor

A simple image to get everyone ready for the weekend and the return of warm weather.  I had spotted this orange dinghy tied up at Tucker’s Wharf as we waited to board the Hannah Glover for a trip around Children’s Island this past Saturday.  I just couldn’t pass up the chance to capture the vibrant orange dinghy against the near black waters of Marblehead Harbor.

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The Mooring

For a while, I ran an ‘Experimental Friday’ theme and thought I would see what everyone thought of this image.  Taken shortly after dawn on Memorial Day this year.  I’ve shared two other landscapes from that morning but couldn’t help capturing this simple composition of the mooring with the great light reflecting off the waters of Marblehead Harbor.

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Glover’s Regiment Fires a Salute on Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend has finally arrived and with it comes the promise of Summer with pools opening around town, boats heading to their moorings in Marblehead Harbor and the days getting longer and warmer.

As part of the Memorial Day parade, the Glover’s Regiment marches to Memorial park and fires a salute in memory of those whose sacrifices we remember on this day.

This image was captured last year as the old muskets fired – in the case of a few rifles, you can see a significant flame erupt as well.

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Foggy Night at the Marblehead Carnival

On Thursday, the annual Marblehead Carnival began and with it came rain.  It had rained for much of the day but stopped by dusk so I figured I would have to work for compositions around the crowd of people attending the fundraiser for the senior high school class.

I arrived at Devereux Beach to find the carnival nearly empty and was thrilled to see not only puddles to use for reflections but also great fog.  Here are five images that captured the feel of a foggy night at the Marblehead Carnival.  Click any of the images below for a larger view.

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Last Night at the Carnival

With the recent rains, I had already decided that I had to head to the carnival last night and then thick fog settled over Marblehead adding an extra dimension to the images I had envisioned.  I arrived at the Marblehead carnival as the blue hour of dusk came to an end and found a nearly deserted carnival with rides shining brightly in the fog but only a handful of people walking around.

I didn’t waste any time in exploring compositions including reflections in puddles and incorporating the eeriness of the fog.  The fact that the carnival was deserted on this night […]

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New Index Page – and on Hiatus this Week

New Index Page – and on Hiatus this Week
For those who haven’t visited the website, I made some big changes over the weekend including a new, faster homepage and a brand-new index page.  This page gives you an alphabetical index of all images on the website and makes it very easy to find a specific location, street, store, etc.
Give it a try: http://wednesdaysinmhd.com/index-page/
I am taking this week off posts as my website server is undergoing required maintenance on Tuesday and may be down intermittently.  I’ll be back with fresh images of Marblehead next week.

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