Marblehead Lighthouse Aglow in the Colors of Sunset

On Saturday, I remember feeling as if weeks had passed since I last went out to take a landscape image.  When I looked back at my archive, the real answer was that only 6 days had passed.  That being said, my last sunset was 12 days ago…okay, maybe I need help.

With that feeling of a need to go out again, I looked out my bedroom window at 7pm and noted some nice clouds and light forming.  I ‘convinced’ the kids to watch just a bit of TV til I got home and got a knowing nod from my wife […]

Best Seat for a Sunset – Chandler Hovey Park in Marblehead

I wanted to post a photo from the archive and started going back through the past few months.  Despite the recent warm Spring weather, it felt way too early for an image of snow.  I ended up at this image taken on December 15th, 21012 at Chandler Hovey Park.  I’m pretty sure this was an unseasonable warm Winter day* and I recall taking a photo of the Marblehead Savings Bank menorah a half hour earlier.  As the sun set, the clouds suggested a nice sunset was in store and I drove out to the lighthouse to see about capturing […]

Day 3 – A Long Exposure Sunset After the Storm

Continuing with this week’s theme of showing images from each of the 5 days of our recent Spring storm, here is the one from Friday, March 8th.  If you haven’t blocked out all memories of this storm, Friday was a whopper.  We started the day with about 8 inches of snow on the ground.  What was supposed to let up by noon ended up adding another 8 inches throughout the day.  School was cancelled and roads were a mess.

I was at work but got out a bit early and had the forethought to bring my camera gear with me. […]

Long Exposure – A Bench in Memory of

On Wednesday January 30th, a strong wind and some great clouds developed in the afternoon and I decided to head out to Chandler Hovey park for some long exposure images.  I started off trying to capture the setting sun but the combination of long exposure and wind gusts wasn’t working so well.  I took shelter behind one of the rocks near the edge of the harbor and saw this scene before me.

I decided to use the bench as a foreground element and allow the exposure time of 129 seconds to blur the water and add some movement to the […]

Long Exposure – Christmas Comes to Chandler Hovey Park

Merry Christmas everyone!  And could you ask for a more festive scene than Marblehead Lighthouse lit up with lights?  I was out shooting at sunset on Sunday night and, when the lights faded, decided to head out to Chandler Hovey Park to photography the lighthouse lit up for the season.  The park was empty on this cold night and I decided to use the same compositions as a recently shared photo with snow on the ground [link].  As the light was fading and since Christmas would fall on ‘long exposure Tuesday’, I decided to shoot this image over 30 […]

The Brick Oil House in the Snow

Back to the great snows of 2009 for this image of the brick oil house that used to power Marblehead lighthouse.  This was taken in mid-January of what would end up being a great year for photos of snow.  I remember making my way to Chandler Hovey Park shortly after the snow stopped falling (and the plows made the roads drivable) to capture images of Winter’s best.  The lighthouse itself didn’t offer much but, after walking around to this vantage point, I knew I had the composition I wanted.  Between the old brick oil house and the covered bench as […]

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Summer Sunset at Chandler Hovey Park

Is it too early for a ‘warm’ picture?  It’s been freezing lately and this morning is no exception.  As I watched the election results roll in last night, I combed through my photo archive (currently with 268 images waiting to post) and settled on this shot taken on August 2nd.  The image struck me for the warm feel coming from the colors of the sunset.  There is a whole lot more happening here though which is what drew me to this scene in the first place.

First you have the brightly colored sails on the water.  There’s a family gathered […]

Sailing Past Chandler Hovey Park

One Sunday in August, our former neighbors (and now friends) invited us out for an early afternoon sail.  We made our way out of the harbor and I was pleased to see plenty of other boats doing the same.  As the kids took turns piloting the boat and the adults took care to make sure we followed a steady course, I happily shot from the side.  Though I haven’t had many opportunities to shoot from the water, I have a few favorite images from those rare chances.  There’s just something about being on the water and composing images from […]

Marblehead Light at Sunset

This image ‘breaks’ most of the accepted rules of photographic composition.  The center of focus should not be in the middle of the frame, the horizon should not be a the center either.  The important part of knowing the rules though is understanding when they can and should be broken.  In this case there are added elements to take away from the centering of the lighthouse – such as the tree to the left.  And the diagonal formed by the pink clouds is accentuated by other diagonals in the reflecting pool of water, ocean, and the lighthouse itself.  Hope […]

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Marblehead Fireworks – Best Show Around

I couldn’t think of a better image to start off this extended Fourth of July weekend than my first shot of Marblehead fireworks.  Since I started this site in August 2010, this image taken from the 2009 show has never been shared.  Seemed like a great way to set the scene for what promises to be a great week.  I’m posting my other Marblehead fireworks images below for those who may have missed them or just want a taste of what’s to come this Wednesday (in Marblehead).

Update: New in 2014, you can donate to the Marblehead Fireworks online!  The […]

Wednesdays in Marblehead

Wednesdays in Marblehead