Last Night at Chandler Hovey Park

For every vibrant sunrise and spectacular sunset that I share, there are an equal number of muted events such as last night at Chandler Hovey Park.  I had noted the gathering clouds from my house at around 7pm and then saw the sun start shining through breaks in the clouds.  I thought that the sky had about even odds of blowing up or fizzling out and decided to head out in hopes of the former.

I drove to the causeway from which I could better evaluate the sky and became less sure of those odds.  The clouds had disappeared over Devereux […]

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Chandler Hovey Park and Children’s Island

An image from mid-February captured as I headed out in search of the full moon and ended up with a really nice winter sunset as a bonus.  I had been shooting wide angle shots encompassing the nearly empty harbor with the few working boats moored in its protective waters when I saw this composition.  I zoomed in so that Chandler Hovey Park and Marblehead Light were visible under the soft pink hues of sunset while including the whole of Children’s Island just beyond.

The setting sun added a brilliant warm glow to the scene and the snow served to break up […]

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Snow Moon rises over snow covered Marblehead Neck

I mentioned on Monday’s post that I had gone out after work Friday (Valentine’s Day) in hopes of capturing the February snow moon. I arrived at Crocker Park in time to capture a great pink sunset over Marblehead harbor and a few other scenes of snow that I will share in the days to come.

Well after the sun had set and the moon had risen, I had yet to find it in the night sky. I checked and rechecked my apps meant to help track the moon’s path but it was nowhere to be seen. I got back in my […]

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Pink Sunset for Valentine’s Day

The February full moon (named the Snow Moon – how appropriate) was due to rise on Friday night coinciding with Valentine’s Day. I was scheduled to work until 4pm and decided to throw my camera bag and tripod in the car so that I could try to get a shot of the moonrise before meeting my family for a romantic dinner at Gourmet Garden.

As I drove home, I noticed clouds building and hoped they wouldn’t block my view of the moonrise. Based on the projected path of the full moon, I decided to head straight to Crocker Park for what […]

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Dramatic Sky over Chandler Hovey Park

With three images shared so far this week all taken on the same morning of Thursday, February 6th, I figured I would add one more and make this a proper theme. Shortly after capturing Monday’s image of the tree at Fort Sewall in the blue hour, I noticed the sky breaking up over Chandler Hovey Park. With the sun rising toward the horizon, light began seeping through the breaks in the clouds making for a very dramatic sky.

I could not capture the immense size and power of the scene with the horizontal (or landscape) orientation I had the camera in […]

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Lighting up the Fog at Chandler Hovey Park

After capturing the causeway, I made my way to Chandler Hovey Park with a particular image in mind.  I knew the holiday lights had been turned on and hoped the fog would serve to accentuate them.  As it turned out, my hunch was a good one and I shared that image last week – LINK.

Before I noticed the lighthouse though, I was struck by the light behind the first tree in the park.  The fog served to accentuate the beams of light as they were split by the branches of the tree and the effect was almost unreal.  I set […]

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Marblehead Lighthouse Glowing in the Fog

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that thick fog had settled on this Friday night in early December.  One of my first stops was Chandler Hovey Park where I was hoping to capture Marblehead Lighthouse glowing in the fog.

I knew that the holiday lights had been set up and were lit but I was really hoping that the bright green beacon atop the light might offer something special with the fog.  One of the greatest qualities of thick fog is that it helps clarify light and, in this case, was able to show the gaps in light where the framing of […]

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Snow in Marblehead – Chandler Hovey Park

Snow week continues on Wednesdays in Marblehead.  Seemed like a good opportunity to bring some of these snow themed images to light as we have yet to experience our first real storm of the Winter season.

Today’s image is from an early January day in 2010.  We were still relatively new to Marblehead having moved here in May of 2008 and this was only our second Winter.  I had made my way out to Fort Sewall to capture the freshly fallen snow and took this shot exactly one minute after another that I had already shared and which recently was printed to […]

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Marblehead Light on Chandler Hovey Park

Call it what you like but, in the right light, Marblehead light is a singularly beautiful lighthouse.  This image of Marblehead Lighthouse seen on Chandler Hovey Park comes from a July boat ride/photoshoot around the waters of Marblehead.  We got to this point at just the right time and hit incredible soft backlight which bathed Marblehead Light and Abbot Hall in the distance in a soft glow.  You can just make out a few boats moored at the mouth of the harbor but what stands out is the incredible structure of Marblehead Light.

With the orange light of sunset and the […]

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Storm Chasing at Chandler Hovey Park

People’s Choice Award – Marblehead Festival of Arts 2014
I went out this afternoon to chase after some big cumulus clouds that had formed over Marblehead harbor.  While I managed to get a few shots of those with a harbor still filled with boats, I began to feel a bit dismayed as grey skies seemed to swallow up those cumulus clouds.  I decided to head towards Chandler Hovey Park to see if I could get a better angle on the approaching cloud formation and saw this.

This image is a 6-shot panorama at 17mm which should give you some sense of the […]

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