Between the Storms at Chandler Hovey Park

On Tuesday, June 9th, thunderstorms were predicted for Boston around 7:00pm and their trajectory looked like it might bring them just north of Marblehead.  Knowing that storms always make for dramatic light, I headed out to Chandler Hovey Park hoping for some great light.  I arrived at 7:15 and at first was disappointed with the too-thick clouds which were blotting out the sun.  That is until I looked behind me and spotted the rainbow!  I've shared one image of the rainbow already but this week will focus on five images that came afterwards. By 7:30pm, the rainbow had dissipated and I [...]

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Light at the End of the Rainbow

Last night, storms were predicted to pass near Marblehead between 7 and 8pm.  Knowing that storms make for incredible light at sunset, I decided to head out after dinner and see if that might be the case on this occasion.  The clouds seemed to be coming from the direction of Boston and I therefore chose Chandler Hovey Park as my destination. I wasn't thrilled with the light when I first arrived at Chandler Hovey and stared up at Marblehead Light.  There was little definition in the clouds and they seemed too thick to allow any sun to shine through.  After [...]

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The Old Oil House

Continuing the journey into the archives, this image comes from May 2011 and a foggy morning on Chandler Hovey Park.  By this time, I had photographed Marblehead Light on many occasions and this old oil house at least once before in the snow.  The added element of fog helped push Marblehead Light into the distant background and added a sense of mystery to this small brick building situated on the edge of Marblehead Neck.

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Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Hope you have a great Memorial Day Weekend everyone.

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Aurora Borealis over Marblehead Light

It finally happened!  I can't count how many times I have left the house late at night with the hope of capturing the aurora borealis over Marblehead Light.  The northern lights occur when charged particles enter the Earth's atmosphere.  On March 15, two coronal mass ejections sprouted from the Sun and headed towards Earth bringing with them a LOT of those charged particles.  The strength of the aurora is measured in Kp values and, in Marblehead, we need to hit at least a Kp of 7 for any hope of seeing the northern lights.  When the charged particles arrived on Earth [...]

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From Atop Marblehead Light

On July 2, 2014, I was fortunate to be invited to the top of Marblehead Light.  The climb was more difficult than I imagined with a sharply winding staircase within the small diameter of the lighthouse's central column.  Once atop Marblehead Light, the view more than made up for any difficulties. I've shared a number of images from this unique vantage point but none in this direction.  I was fortunate to have some clouds to offset the blue sky of this Summer day and, for a brief moment, the clouds blocked the sun leading the sun rays forming below.  I [...]

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Where in Marblehead – Valley of Rocks

Another entry in this week's Where in Marblehead series and likely the easiest of them all.  This was taken in September 2012 during a low tide. Answer:

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Through the Looking Glass at Marblehead Light

I skipped last week's From the Rooftops Thursday entry in favor of a dramatic sunset so today we return to the top of Marblehead Light for one of a series of images capture on July 2nd as we climbed to the top of the lighthouse to hang lights for the Fourth of July celebration. I began by capturing scenes of Marblehead Harbor from this unique vantage point but the red drapes and scaffolding around Abbot Hall forced me to look for other vantage points.  The exercise proved to be a good one as I focused on shadows and the windows [...]

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Watching the Moon Rise from Fort Sewall

By popular demand - an image of the full moon rise from Fort Sewall captured on July 11, 2014.  When I go out to shoot, I will often return with several images that I want to share.  Such was the case with the full moon rise of July 11-12.  On that first night, I had hoped for a new composition of the moon rising over Chandler Hovey Park as seen from Fort Sewall and achieved that when I used the leaves of the great tree at the Fort to frame this shot. However, moments later, the Glover's Regiment began their [...]

Supermoon Rises over Marblehead Light

Since the 'true' supermoon over 2011, it seems that each year we have more and more appearances of the so-called supermoon.  The term originally was meant for the full moon which was at its closest proximity to the earth in nearly two decades and thus would appear 17% larger.  The supermoons now are labels added to the closest proximity of the moon to the Earth for a given year.  In 2014, we are due to have three such supermoons. With that being said, I am always up for capturing an image of a full moon over Marblehead (supermoon or not).  [...]

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