The Great Cherry Blossom Tree on Mugford Street

I mentioned this tree in yesterday’s post.  I had passed by this great big tree many times in the past but had never seen it at peak blossom.  On April 25th, not only had it reached peak, but the sun was at just the right angle from which to capture it.

I started off photographing the cherry blossom tree from across the street as the sun dipped and cast long shadows on the grassy lawn.  With the permission of one of the residents of the house, I then went about checking different compositions and settled on one other image (seen below […]

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Tulips Rising Before St. Stephen’s Church

Earlier this week, I put up a number of framed, canvas and metal prints at the Starbucks where they will remain for the month and where I will be during the Marblehead Art Walk on Saturday from 1-4pm.  On my way home, I drove by the median where Lafayette and Humphrey merge into Pleasant Street and noticed the tulips had blossomed.  As I drove by, I also saw that there was a nice composition to be had by shooting the tulips with St. Stephen’s Church as the backdrop and decided to return later in the week.

On Tuesday, the sun was […]

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Abbot Public Library in Spring

Spring seemed to take a long time to develop this year and when it did the trees seemed about ready to burst forth out of their Winter dormancy.  When April rolled around, I asked for suggestions on trees that were coming to bloom and received a suggestion about this tree at the Abbot Public Library.  At the first opportunity, I visited the library and found that I had missed the peak bloom with more than a few petals having fallen to the ground.  That being said, the light was incredible and, when the wind picked up just enough, the flag […]

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On a Street Lined with Magnolia Trees

I mentioned in Monday’s post that I had gone out on Saturday, April 20th to try to capture trees at peak bloom once the rain finally let up.  My first stop was Garnet Street which lies off Beach Street.  I had accidentally happened upon this street lined with magnolia trees when I took advantage of the first warm day to take my kids to Devereux beach.  Since then, I had been stopping here to check the status of the trees.

I had photographed the street on April 17th when the trees had been at peak bloom but wasn’t happy with the […]

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The Bench Under the Cherry Tree at Harris Street Cemetery

So this is the image I really wanted to capture when I came back to the Harris Street Cemetery on Sunday at sunrise.  I had photographed the cemetery and its three beautiful cherry trees at peak bloom the day before but the light was coming from the opposite direction.  That made this angle tough to capture as the interior cherry blossoms were in the shadows and the light was just all wrong.

I woke at 6am having checked the forecast and noting clear blue skies were expected.  That gave me an extra hour of sleep as there was no point in […]

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The Tombstone Under the Cherry Blossoms

Yesterday, I shared the first image from these incredible cherry trees at the Harris Street Cemetery.  Today, I’ll share the last image taken on Sunday as I headed back to my car.

I had come across this particle tombstone before and found the inscription fascinating.  As the sun had climbed up in the sky, I was able to get some great light coming off the face of the tombstone.  I chose a wide open aperture to push the beautiful colors of the cherry blossoms into a bit of a blur in the background.

In case you cannot make out the inscription, here […]

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Cherry Blossoms at Peak Bloom – Harris Street Cemetery

Last week I shared images of cherry blossoms taken in the Spring of 2012 and explained that cherry blossoms were forever tied to Spring in my mind after spending several years living in Washington, DC.  Over this past weekend, I asked for some help from my ‘fans’ on Facebook to help me find trees at peak blossom.  I was pointed to a few spots around town but one person asked if I had been to the Harris Street Cemetery yet.

On Saturday, after the rain let up, I decided to check all the spots recommended to me.  I started on Beach […]

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Cherry Blossoms Reach Peak Bloom on Washington Street

Don’t get too excited…these images were taken in 2012.  But that just means that we have these beautiful blossoms to look forward to in the days to come.

As you may remember from last year’s posts, I explained that Spring and cherry blossoms will forever be intertwined for me after living in Washington, DC for 4 years.  I completed my residency in Internal Medicine at Georgetown University Hospital and would head to the tidal basin each Spring to photograph the cherry blossoms as they reached peak bloom.

While we don’t quite have the same number of trees in a concentrated space like […]

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Cherry Blossoms Start to Bloom Under the Half Moon

Following up on yesterday’s image with a half moon, I decided to share this one of my favorite tree in town starting to bloom.  If you can believe it, this photo was taken on March 31, 2012.  Last I checked this tree, it was still far from blooming.

I had wanted to capture the details in the branch and the blossoms in their varied stages of blossoming.  Again, as yesterday, the issue was the negative space that surrounded the branch.  Fortunately, I found a great element to break up the space.  The issue next was a technical one – how to […]

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Flower Boxes on Ocean Avenue

I wonder how many of my viewers will instantly recognize these three flower boxes that adorn the back of a house facing Ocean Avenue.  I’ve passed this house numerous times and would frequently catch myself gazing at the flower boxes decorating the back section.  On this day, the impatiens (I had to ask my wife for the name of these purple flowers) seemed to complement the colors of the house especially well and I decided to try to photograph them in a unique way.  I ended up shooting at a wide open aperture of f/1.8 which allowed me to focus […]

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