Dawn Lights Up Fort Sewall

Two weeks ago, I ventured out at dawn in hopes of a nice sunrise from Front Street and Fort Sewall.  I made my way down there at 5:30 in the morning and ventured out of the car (and into the cold) once the first light appeared at the horizon.  I started off with this image of the houses that abut the Fort and the great tree that marks this part of town.  There were just enough clouds at the horizon to capture the colors of dawn which also reflected off the windows of the house.  The long exposure required […]

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Pink Clouds at Dawn Over Marblehead Harbor

Something told me that Tuesday morning’s sunrise might be worth an early wake up so I dutifully set the alarm a bit early and made my way out to Front street at 5:30 in the morning.  At first, the skies disappointed with some decent morning light but no clouds to reflect the pinks that typically accompany a late Fall sunrise.  Just as the sun threatened to break above the clouds, these wisps showed up and quickly fell into place.

I was shooting in landscape (horizontal) format and quickly switched to this portrait (vertical) orientation to get the tops of the […]

Fishing in the Storm

We had a short break from the rain on Sunday and so I took my son out to Fort Sewall for some exploration.  The sea was choppy and large waves crashed on the rocks as we were there at high tide.  When we reached the edge of the hill, we noticed this lone fisherman on the rocks.  His perch was precarious and the waves crashed all around him.  It looked like a rogue wave could have toppled him at any moment but he remained there casting his line into the water.  After a good 20 minutes of watching him, […]

The Lone Tree at Fort Sewall

As I mentioned in Monday’s post, this week was going to feature a fair amount of fog.  This image came from the start of the night – I had just set up my tripod for the supermoon shot when the fog rolled in fast and thick.  I quickly changed lenses and took advantage of the setting light to shoot this magnificent tree looking lonely without a harbor to accompany it.

The beauty of fog is that it isolates a subject.  while normally this composition would include distant houses, rocks and a harbor filled with boats, here the tree stands alone. […]

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The Grassy Hill at Fort Sewall

May 5th proved to be a very productive day.  As I wrote on the supermoon image and the recent ‘two roads’ one, a blanket of fog descended on me as I set up for a shot at Fort Sewall that evening.  When it became clear that the fog would not clear, I set about looking for images that wouldn’t otherwise be available to me in clearer conditions.

The telescope you see stands across the harbor from the lighthouse.  On a clear day, there is no way to not see the iconic structure and, therefore, the poor scope pales in comparison […]

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The Road Less Traveled

Last weekend, I had set out for Fort Sewall in order to shoot the rise of the supermoon.  Rather than the expected view, I ended up with a thick fog bank to contend with.  I stood there for a while with a few others wondering if the fog would lift in town.  When it only seemed to worsen, I shrugged it off and decided to make the most of what I was given.

I walked around Fort Sewall looking for photos that could only be taken in the fog.  As I turned from the overlook after shooting Gerry Island, I […]

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From the Air – Little Harbor

If you saw my post last Tuesday, you’ll know the back story to how this photo came to be.  If not, I highly recommend reading that first and then coming back to this image.

As we flew over Marblehead harbor, I quickly took some photos looking down over Little Harbor.  It really is amazing to see this area from this angle and I definitely did not appreciate it at the time.  As your eye works its way around, you notice Gerry Island, Fort Sewall, Front Street beach and the houses (especially those on Doak’s Lane).

Hope you enjoy this aerial view […]

Through the tree at Fort Sewall

This image exemplifies something I try to remember during each outing…Always look back on a scene!  I had photographed the Snow Moon rising over Childrens Island and was pleased with the results.  As I made my way back to the car parked on Front Street, I looked back every five minutes to recheck the scene I had left.  When I turned the corner and saw the moon making its way through the great tree at the fort, I knew I needed to get my gear out once more and capture this image.

By the time the moon had risen high […]

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Bringing Marblehead into Focus

The Winter without snow continues so I have returned to the archives for another snow-covered scene.  I was exploring Fort Sewall almost two years ago to the day when I noted the viewing scopes available for use.  I had my longest lens on the camera as I had planned to shoot close-ups of the lighthouse.  When I saw the word ‘focus’ imprinted on the scope, I came up with a more interesting shot.

One thing a long zoom lens offers is the effect of compressing a landscape.  Distant objects appear larger and closer to the foreground elements.  Also, the long […]

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Fort Sewall in the Snow

One of my all time favorite images and one that I took within 6 months of moving to Marblehead.  I remember we had a significant storm come through on January 18, 2009 and I made my way up to Fort Sewall to explore.  The snow was wet and the air still so the tree that stands in front of the red doors still held on to much of it.  The beautiful outline of the tree’s bark and the red doors offering a touch of color made for a perfect scene.

I have returned to Fort Sewall numerous times over the […]

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Wednesdays in Marblehead

Wednesdays in Marblehead