• snow covered tree at Fort Sewall

Fort Sewall in the Snow

On Wednesday, February 5th, Marblehead received a solid snowfall with nearly 12 inches falling over the course of the day.  Given the timing of the heaviest of the snowfall, I wasn't able to photograph snow covered scenes until early the next morning. I woke and left the house just before the blue hour began and made my way to Fort Sewall.  The wet snow had clung to the trees and the still air after promised that much of it might remain to serve as a great contrast against the branches.  I arrived to find this beautiful scene before me at [...]

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  • running in fog

Running in the Fog at Fort Sewall

We had some incredible fog on the morning of September 11, 2013.  I had started off capturing Marblehead Harbor as the sun burned through the fog.  As the sun rose in the sky, the color of the sky took on a great orange hue.  I ended up chasing that light all the way to Front Street and Fort Beach.  When all was said and done, I had over 30 images with various compositions and light to share. It's no surprise then that this image has taken a while to see the light of day.  As you can see the orange [...]

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  • Fort Sewall from the water

Fort Sewall from the Water

Another week has come to an end and I thought it fitting to close the week with a sunny image taken from the water.  This one of Fort Sewall comes from a boat trip to Childrens Island taken on July 30th.  We were heading out on the Hannah Glover for the parents' night that is part of every camp schedule.  I brought the camera and, as was the case last year, we were treated to some great clouds and light on the trip there and back. Hope you enjoy this view of Fort Sewall as you get ready for the [...]

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  • Fort Beach and Fort Sewall

Foggy Morning in Marblehead Day 5 – Fort Beach and Fort Sewall

An hour and a half after starting this photo shoot on a foggy morning, I finally tore myself away from Marblehead Harbor and drove off in search of other vantage points.  I made my way down Front Street and ended up at Fort Beach facing the head of the harbor and Fort Sewall.  The sky had taken on an orange hue at this point and the fog remained thick.  I composed this scene to include the tide pools seen at low tide along Fort Beach while also including the great tree at Fort Sewall and the boats moored in the [...]

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  • sunset over Marblehead

Sunset from Fort Sewall Overlooking Marblehead Harbor

On the same evening that I captured an image over Gerry Island [LINK} and then the new composition of a tree at Fort Sewall [LINK], I was also treated to a remarkable sunset.  I hadn't thought that the light or clouds would develop into much of a show on this outing but, as I walked back along the path toward the great tree at Fort Sewall, I noticed these great undulating clouds forming over Marblehead harbor.  Knowing there was an unobstructed view to be had with a little creative fence jumping, I clambered down to a ledge and set up [...]

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  • Looking out over Gerry Island from Fort Sewall

Looking out over Gerry Island from Fort Sewall

On the same day that I captured a new (to me) composition of the road under a tree at Fort Sewall which I shared yesterday, I also snagged this image of Gerry Island at sunset.  While the light was not as spectacular as I might have hoped (though it ended up making up for it later...), the golden glow was reflected off the water below and lit up the nearby grass to great effect.  I needed to put in quite a bit of work to tease out all the great light and potential in this image and decided to show [...]

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  • Under a Tree at Fort Sewall

Under a Tree at Fort Sewall

On Sunday, June 16th, I decided to end Father's Day with a photoshoot.  I had noted the possibility of a good sunset and decided to head to Fort Sewall to explore possible images.  I have photographed Fort Sewall on numerous occasions and in various conditions so the thought of finding a new composition in this relatively small area was the last thing I had expected.  However, after descending a set of stairs, I looked back and found this scene before me. The tree and its canopy perfectly placed over a trodden dirt path with boats carefully arranged on their moorings [...]

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  • Fort Sewall – 1742

Fort Sewall – 1742

A hint of things to come?  As we get ready for what may be 1-2 feet of snowfall, I decided to bring out this image taken in mid-January after a much quieter snow storm.  This particular one only dumped a few inches but the timing was perfect and the snow was wet enough to stick to branches and serve as a great contrast. I have shared a few images from this particular day but have been saving this one in the archive.  I took this image as I was leaving Fort Sewall and noted that I had never photographed the [...]

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  • From the Top of Fountain Park

Long Exposure – From the Top of Fountain Park

On Sunday, January 20th, after attending my son's swim meet at the JCC, I noted the clouds starting to form as we neared sunset.  I had a location in mind for a long exposure shot for some time and decided to head there in hopes that the light would work.  As I got to Fountain Park, the clouds were just starting to reach the lighthouse.  The light was starting to fade and I got to work setting up my camera with the 10-stop filter to help limit available light and extend the time the shutter could be opened. It turns [...]

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  • The Red Doors of Fort Sewall in the Snow

The Red Doors of Fort Sewall in the Snow

Hope no one is tired of the snow fall from December 30th yet.  As I mentioned previously, this was about as perfect of a snow fall as a photographer could hope for.  After State Street and the sunrise, I photographed Fort Sewall and came away with a few favorite images.  One of them was this photo of the the red door leading to a bunker in the hillside.  Rather than take a straight shot of the door, I decided to use the contrasty posts as a leading line taking the viewer's eye from the left bottom corner of the screen [...]

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