I woke up this morning with plans to shoot the sunrise as the pending rain had me thinking we might get a decent one.  Headed down to Preston beach with some ideas in mind and set to work shooting the dawn.  I had noticed a small white dot in the sky away from the sun but didn’t think much of it at the time.  Got home and loaded the photos on my computer.  As I went through them one by one, I noticed that white dot again.  It was shaped like an eye and stayed in the same spot in the sky for 3 seconds then seemed to take off in a hurry.  The photos I took weren’t meant to be for this part of the sky so I grabbed 10 frames in a row and adjusted their exposures.  Each image was exposed for 1/2 to 1 second on average.  I cropped each image to show the right upper corner and put those 10 frames into a timelapse and extended the time of each image to 1/2 second to get close to real-time viewing.  There were 4 more frames from just before but they were taken at a different angle so I left them out.

What do you think???

Mystery Solved!

Two years later and Andrew Hansford has put together an incredibly detailed and meticulously researched account of this morning.  He has identified the UFO but you’ll have to read this blog post to figure out the answer: READ MORE