I don’t know about you but this Winter is getting old quick.  Between the snow, blizzard conditions and days on end that stayed below the freezing mark, this has the feel of a very long Winter…and it’s only mid-January.  The mini ‘warm up’ these past two days has only left me thinking of Summer even more.

I decided to look back in the archives for some warm images and wanted to share this one today.  First, the specifics – this image was taken on August 16 at 7:25pm.  I can’t imaging light at 7:30pm but I can definitely feel the warmth of the sun and the sound of Marblehead harbor as I look at this image and am instantly transported back to this moment.  While I have a nice image from the sunset on this night, there is something about the warm colors and overall feel of this image that makes me instantly think of Summer in Marblehead.

Hope you can feel the warmth coming through your screen as you look at this image of Marblehead Harbor captured from Corinthian Lane on the Neck.