On Saturday, I received a new lens that I had been anticipating for months. It’s primary role will actually be to help me capture shots of my kids but it will definitely serve double-duty as a landscape lens. With a new lens in hand, I decided that I had to venture out on Sunday to put it through its paces and see what it was capable of.

I started off at the State Street Landing shooting across the harbor and happened upon a kid fishing off the dock. I shot a few images of him with the backdrop of Marblehead Light and then drove back up State and over to Redds Pond. I arrived to cars lining the streets and a bustle of activity.

There were boats in the water, people on benches and several trying their hands at some pond fishing. As I looked around I was thrilled to see that all but two people had masks on. It was an awesome site to behold. With a smile on my face (hidden behind a mask), I went ahead and captured several compositions but liked this one the most.

The new lens zooms to 180mm and has a 2.8 aperture which means it lets in a lot of light and can blur the background nicely. The zoom effect also serves to compress objects making Pond View appear even larger in the frame. With the reassurance of people taking infection control seriously and the warmth of the sun, it was really nice to be able to capture this Sunday sail at Redd’s Pond.