Last Light on Marblehead Neck

On March 8th, I captured one of my favorite aerial images of Marblehead Neck while the sun was still quite high in the sky.  Afterward, I flew around the Neck and finally off the coast of Chandler Hovey Park as the sun set and cast its last light on Marblehead Neck. The most exciting aspect of capturing aerial images of Marblehead is the change in perspective which, in this image, shows the proximity of the Neck to the mainland and Boston's beautiful skyline in the distance.

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Four Hundred Feet over Marblehead Neck

I just couldn't wait to share tonight's sunset over Marblehead Neck.  I had a small window to shoot tonight but the building clouds which began to appear around 4pm made me certain that the sunset would be worth chasing.  I stopped home after dropping my kids at their afternoon activities and headed out with an idea for an aerial panorama of Marblehead Neck. I was a bit worried as the winds would gust on the ground and I received a few warnings from the drone as I took it up to four hundred feet over Marblehead Neck from the launch [...]

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Golden Light on Gales Head

In mid-February, I took my Phantom 4 Pro drone to Redd's Pond and explored the area surrounding once overhead.  I had previously admired the outcropping of land on which Fort Sewall can be found but seeing it from the air gave it a different perspective.  As it turns out, this outcropping is/was known as Gales Head and I was thrilled with the light illuminating that section of land to highlight it in this image. From an earlier question on my Facebook page, I learned that Ambrose Gale (1630-1708) lived at 17 Franklin Street and had a fishing business located on [...]

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Floating in Darkness

I've captured the small boat in First Harbor with its Christmas trees from many angles and in varying light but as soon as I purchased my drone, I knew of one angle that I couldn't wait to try.  In mid-December, I launched the Phantom 4 Pro near the Marblehead Lobster Company and took it to its limit of 400 feet before aiming the camera straight down on this grouping of boats.  With the light having faded, the small Christmas tree stood out among the boats floating in darkness.  I used my car's headlights to help light up the scene. *This [...]

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Sunset on the Neck

Last week I sat for the FAA part 107 certification examination and became a certified pilot of small unmanned aircraft systems (aka drones).  In celebration, I wanted to share some images that I have been working on with the Phantom 4 Pro while exploring the many new compositions available to me with a third degree of movement above Marblehead. This image of sunset on the Neck was taken on Friday, March 3rd.  I had returned home from work and watched the clouds along the way wondering if they might pick up the light of the setting sun.  I grabbed the [...]

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Golden Light on Redd’s Pond

On February 18, conditions seemed perfect for a beautiful Winter sunset and I left the house just after 4:00 to explore the possibilities.  I started off at this familiar spot and made it here just in time as the sun's angle was spilling golden light on Redd's Pond.  I shot three frames with my camera before heading back to the car to grab the Phantom 4 Pro.  It wasn't long before I found the composition I wanted which showcased the close proximity of Redd's Pond to Old Burial Hill, Gerry Island, Fort Sewall and Marblehead Neck. One of my favorite aspects of [...]

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Frostbite Sailing in Marblehead Harbor – A Fifty Foot View

Yesterday was my 42nd birthday and I was fortunate to start it with a homemade breakfast with my wife and kids and end it with a great dinner out.  In the middle of the day, I couldn't think of anything more fun than enjoying the Spring-like weather and flying my Phantom 4 Pro drone over Marblehead Harbor to capture scenes of frostbite sailing. The conditions were perfect for sailing with light winds and intermittently great for photography with cloudy skies and occasional breaks of brilliant light.  I took turns shooting stills and video with the drone and switching to the real [...]

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Frostbite Sailing in Marblehead Harbor – aerial video

We had incredible conditions for today's frostbite sailing session. It felt like Spring out and I was excited to fly my drone over Marblehead harbor as the boats raced below.  Here is a video made up of a few clips as I hovered overhead and captured the sailboats racing in the protected waters of our harbor. Music: Ben Howard

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Playing with Shadows on Old Burial Hill

I'm curious what you think of today's image of shadows on Old Burial Hill after a recent snowstorm.  One of the aspects of shooting with my new Phantom 4 Pro is the ability to capture Marblehead from new angles and perspectives. I captured this image looking straight down on an early morning at the intersection of Old Burial Hill and Redd's Pond.  I tried the accentuate the long shadows cast by trees and gravestones at Old Burial Hill created by the angle of the sun and the fresh coat of snow. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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Flying over Old Town House

It's good to be back...  My family and I just returned from a week long stay in the Turks and Caicos where we basked in the warmth of perfect weather.  It was a treat to shoot my kids on the sandy beach of Grace Bay and to fly my Phantom 4 Pro over the turquoise waters.  But it also made me excited to do the same over Marblehead as soon as this Winter ends. So far, this Winter hasn't been very photogenic with little snowfall and mostly drab light.  However, on the morning of January 8th, I had headed to [...]

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