Golden Light on Redd’s Pond

On February 18, conditions seemed perfect for a beautiful Winter sunset and I left the house just after 4:00 to explore the possibilities.  I started off at this familiar spot and made it here just in time as the sun's angle was spilling golden light on Redd's Pond.  I shot three frames with my camera before heading back to the car to grab the Phantom 4 Pro.  It wasn't long before I found the composition I wanted which showcased the close proximity of Redd's Pond to Old Burial Hill, Gerry Island, Fort Sewall and Marblehead Neck. One of my favorite aspects of [...]

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Frostbite Sailing in Marblehead Harbor – A Fifty Foot View

Yesterday was my 42nd birthday and I was fortunate to start it with a homemade breakfast with my wife and kids and end it with a great dinner out.  In the middle of the day, I couldn't think of anything more fun than enjoying the Spring-like weather and flying my Phantom 4 Pro drone over Marblehead Harbor to capture scenes of frostbite sailing. The conditions were perfect for sailing with light winds and intermittently great for photography with cloudy skies and occasional breaks of brilliant light.  I took turns shooting stills and video with the drone and switching to the real [...]

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Frostbite Sailing in Marblehead Harbor – aerial video

We had incredible conditions for today's frostbite sailing session. It felt like Spring out and I was excited to fly my drone over Marblehead harbor as the boats raced below.  Here is a video made up of a few clips as I hovered overhead and captured the sailboats racing in the protected waters of our harbor. Music: Ben Howard

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Playing with Shadows on Old Burial Hill

I'm curious what you think of today's image of shadows on Old Burial Hill after a recent snowstorm.  One of the aspects of shooting with my new Phantom 4 Pro is the ability to capture Marblehead from new angles and perspectives. I captured this image looking straight down on an early morning at the intersection of Old Burial Hill and Redd's Pond.  I tried the accentuate the long shadows cast by trees and gravestones at Old Burial Hill created by the angle of the sun and the fresh coat of snow. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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Flying over Old Town House

It's good to be back...  My family and I just returned from a week long stay in the Turks and Caicos where we basked in the warmth of perfect weather.  It was a treat to shoot my kids on the sandy beach of Grace Bay and to fly my Phantom 4 Pro over the turquoise waters.  But it also made me excited to do the same over Marblehead as soon as this Winter ends. So far, this Winter hasn't been very photogenic with little snowfall and mostly drab light.  However, on the morning of January 8th, I had headed to [...]

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Winter Wonderland on Washington Street

As this Nor'Easter departs, I wanted to continue with scenes of snow on this snowless Marblehead winter.  After our first real snowfall of the season took place overnight on January 7, I decided to head downtown to capture aerial scenes of the winter wonderland on Washington Street.  I flew the Phantom 4 Pro at varying heights and directions until I found this composition with Washington Street leading the viewer's eye to Abbot Hall and further out to the distant Boston Skyline.  Historic downtown Marblehead shines in its blanket of white on this early January morning.

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Waves Lapping at the Causeway

On Monday night, I headed out to Devereux beach in the hopes of exploring the causeway and beach with my new Phantom 4 Pro.  As I flew across the causeway, I positioned the camera directly down and was mesmerized by the view of green-blue water gently lapping against the sand and rocks abutting the causeway. I stopped in my tracks, rotated the drone and composed this image.  As I did so, I was recording and caught a bicyclist riding across the top of the frame.  That video is below. As soon as he passed, I captured this image of [...]

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Snowy Morning in Marblehead

After 9 inches of snow fell on Marblehead this past weekend, I couldn't wait for dawn and a chance to capture the views of historic downtown Marblehead from the air.  I woke early and drove down to Washington Street from where I launched the Phantom 4 Pro and took in the views of our town on a snowy morning. It's one thing to compose an image in 2 dimensions but quite another to add height to the equation.  I'm still learning a lot when it comes to creating dramatic compositions with aerial photography but this image with Old Town House in [...]

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Epiphany Bonfire at Riverhead Beach

For the second year in a row, the town of Marblehead gathered its Christmas trees onto Riverhead Beach and set them ablaze in the tradition of the Epiphany bonfire.  This annual tradition took place for years until the new causeway was built and then was put on hiatus until its resumption last year.  That was the first time I had the pleasure of witnessing the massive bonfire of Christmas trees with families gathered to witness the beautiful sight. With a new Phantom 4 Pro in hand, I decided to capture this year's Epiphany bonfire from the air.  I set off [...]

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Lighting up Riverside Drive

It seemed only appropriate to begin 2017 with an aerial image as I expect to share many more views from above Marblehead in the year to come.  On Christmas Eve, I headed out shortly after sunset with a particular image in mind.  Since first seeing the holiday light display on Riverside Drive years ago, I sought out a way to do justice to the annual tradition embraced by the neighbors on this small street.  I had tried to shoot from street level but couldn't fully capture the display and, when I purchased my Phantom 4 Pro drone, knew I had [...]

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