Long Exposure

Ferris Wheel on the Last Night of the Carnival

The 2013 Marblehead High School Senior carnival came into town on Thursday and, as is always the case, brought with it cold and a bit of rain to break up the warm Spring days we had been enjoying up til then.  The weather improved over the weekend and the carnival seemed better attended than recent years.  I had little opportunity to shoot without my kids clamoring for cash but managed a sunrise session and one evening shoot. This image was taken on Saturday night.  I had arrived at 7pm and ended up parking behind Dennis Curtin and Rick Ashley (two great photographers [...]

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Long Exposure – Corinthian Dock and the Mooring

On this Long Exposure Tuesday, I decided to share an image taken in early April 2012.  This was an exceptionally warm day (hard to believe with the weather we've had so far this month) and I ended up wandering up and down the harbor's edge hoping to shoot under and around the piers that line the water.  I ended up at the Corinthian near the end of my shoot and noted the way their dock lined up with Abbot Hall in the distance. As I got closer, I found this great old mooring somehow cemented in the rocks and decided [...]

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The Bent Tree on Crowninshield Road

So this has to be one of my favorite trees in Marblehead.  There is something about the odd bend in it and its location on the edge of the ocean that makes it instantly appealing.  I had struggled with compositions to highlight those characteristics until January 2012 when some great clouds rolled around. As I made my way around town photographing various scenes, I drove along Beacon Street and spotted the tree against the backdrop of those clouds.  I pulled over and put on my longest lens to make sure I could get the tree as the focal point of [...]

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Long Exposure – Turquoise Atlantic and Boston Skyline

Yesterday, I shared an image taken from Ocean Avenue with turquoise waters, great big clouds and the Boston skyline in the distance.  This image was taken exactly 10 minutes later.  On top of the circular polarizer, I decided to add on two more neutral density filters to cut down the amount of light by more than 99.9%.  That meant I went from a shutter speed of 1/250th of a second with yesterday's image to 357 seconds with this one! I don't think I have ever shared a side-by-side of a 'normal' and long exposure and this is easily one of [...]

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Long Exposure – Towering Facade of Abbot Hall

This past Saturday, the conditions were perfect during the day for a long exposure - deep blue skies, fluffy white clouds interspersed and wind to move everything above.  When I headed out to gather signatures on Atlantic Avenue (see yesterday's post for info on that), I also made sure to pack up the camera bag and tripod.  Immediately after finishing, I headed to Abbot Hall and walked around the building looking for a new vantage point from which to shoot.  A number of ideas wouldn't work due to the wind gusts but I finally found myself at this spot looking [...]

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Long Exposure – Reflections on Little Harbor

In February 2012, I was just starting to get the hang of these long exposure images.  On this particular day, I had gone out in hopes of capturing Gerry Island at sunset.  While I started to photograph the island and little harbor surrounding it, my eye quickly latched on to the collection of houses along Fort Sewall Terrace that faced the harbor.  As the sun began to set, the colors in the sky took hold and I started to shoot longer and longer exposures in the fading light.  I had previously shared an image with the houses reflecting in little [...]

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Long Exposure – Misty Waves at Castle Rock

It's Long Exposure Tuesday and this week features an image from Castle Rock taken on December 21st.  I can't remember if a storm had just come through or just left but the waves were pounding at Castle Rock.  I decided to climb to the top of a rock for a more expansive view and had to watch for sea spray that was coming up to the level of the rock at one point!  As the sun started to set, my exposure got longer and I ended up with this favorite that took 176 seconds to capture.  Those crashing waves have [...]

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Long Exposure – A Bench in Memory of

On Wednesday January 30th, a strong wind and some great clouds developed in the afternoon and I decided to head out to Chandler Hovey park for some long exposure images.  I started off trying to capture the setting sun but the combination of long exposure and wind gusts wasn't working so well.  I took shelter behind one of the rocks near the edge of the harbor and saw this scene before me. I decided to use the bench as a foreground element and allow the exposure time of 129 seconds to blur the water and add some movement to the [...]

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Long Exposure – From the Top of Fountain Park

On Sunday, January 20th, after attending my son's swim meet at the JCC, I noted the clouds starting to form as we neared sunset.  I had a location in mind for a long exposure shot for some time and decided to head there in hopes that the light would work.  As I got to Fountain Park, the clouds were just starting to reach the lighthouse.  The light was starting to fade and I got to work setting up my camera with the 10-stop filter to help limit available light and extend the time the shutter could be opened. It turns [...]

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Long Exposure – Rocks in a Milky Harbor

Tuesday means another Long Exposure image.  This one comes from last Wednesday morning on an ill-fated attempt to shoot sea smoke.  Despite the 10 F temps, the harbor was eerily clear when I arrived at dawn to photograph this scene.  Rather than giving up, I decided to wait til sunrise and see what the clouds and light might offer.  As it turns out, the image came out great and I ended up sharing it last week. Before the sun rose, however, there was just enough light to play with some long exposures.  This was still the blue hour and I [...]

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