Each May, the Marblehead High School Senior Class puts on the Marblehead Carnival at Devereux Beach.  The carnival serves as the major fundraiser for the senior class and also serves as the unofficial start of Spring.  Given the timing of the carnival in early May, one can usually expect at least a bit of rain and cool weather but that does little to stifle the crowds of families during the daylight hours and teenagers when the sun goes down.

Below are my favorite images of the annual Carnival at Devereux Beach captured from the early morning hours until near close.



Day to Night at the Marblehead Carnival

In May 2017, I used my new Phantom 4 Pro to capture aerial video of the Marblehead carnival on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon (during the brief respites from rain and fog).  Enjoy this view of Day and Night at the annual carnival on Devereux Beach.