Capturing the Beauty of a Seaside Town

In August 2010, I decided to take my love of landscape photography and use it to capture the incredible beauty I saw throughout my new hometown of Marblehead, MA. I was driven from the early morning blue hour until late evening’s last glow to freeze moments that would serve to exemplify what I loved about the town, its rich history and wonderful people.

I am overwhelmed by the responses of new and old ‘Headers; from those living in town and those now in distant states or countries. What unites us is the shared love of the town of Marblehead and a deep understanding of its singular beauty.

I hope that the images found on this website convey that beauty and stir memories of times spent in the streets or along the shores of Marblehead. You can find older images in the Portfolio below or by using the menu above.

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Thank you for visiting.

Newest Images

  • A Black Dog in Little Harbor

Black Dog in Little Harbor

On Monday, July 21, dense fog approached Marblehead’s shores and I decided to head out to capture a few scenes I had in mind.  Rather than heading straight to Marblehead Harbor, I took West […]

  • Pink Sunset and Fog over Marblehead Harbor

Pink Sunset and Fog over Marblehead Harbor

Back to the incredible sunset that took place on Wednesday, July 16.  I’ve share two images from that night so far but, between the fog over Marblehead Harbor and the spectacular colors that formed […]

  • Watching the Moon Rise from Fort Sewall

Watching the Moon Rise from Fort Sewall

By popular demand – an image of the full moon rise from Fort Sewall captured on July 11, 2014.  When I go out to shoot, I will often return with several images that I […]

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