Marblehead Lighthouse located on Marblehead Neck at Chandler Hovey Park is, together with Abbot Hall, one of the iconic landmarks in Marblehead, MA.  This is actually the second lighthouse built in this spot on Marblehead Neck – the first was constructed in 1834.  That light was shorter and, as of the late 1800’s was not felt capable of maintaining adequate safety of boat traffic in and out of Marblehead harbor.  In 1895, construction began in the unique iron skeleton tower that stands today.  On April 17, 1896, Marblehead Light first cast its light across the harbor.  The lighthouse remains in good condition over 100 years later.  It is unique among all New England lighthouses for its style.  Though sometimes maligned and compared to the scaffolding of an iron well, I hope you can see that, in the right light, it can be quite beautiful.  Note that the Marblehead Rotary Club strings lights twice yearly – July 4th and Christmas to further highlight this unique lighthouse.