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Wednesdays in Marblehead was started in 2010 by Eyal Oren to capture and share the beauty of this coastal New England town

Marblehead Photos

Here you will find a collection of images showcasing Marblehead’s natural beauty including sunrises over Marblehead Light, sunsets reflecting in the waters of Marblehead harbor, iconic buildings such as Abbot Hall and Old Town House as well as hidden spots found within the town’s 4.4 square miles.  Many of these images can be found in the Wednesdays in Marblehead book which was published in 2014.  All photos of Marblehead can be purchased in a variety of print options by using the pull-down menu on the photos or by visiting the Shop.

Bring the Beauty of Marblehead into your Home

Buy the Wednesdays in Marblehead Book and Calendar

The Wednesdays in Marblehead book is a beautiful full color hardcover coffee table book featuring over 130 of the very best images of Marblehead.  The Marblehead book is in a large square format measuring 11″ x 11″.  The images are printed on thick 140 gsm matte art paper with accompanying captions which include the date and time each image was taken.

The coffee table book is broken up into chapters featuring Marblehead landmarks as well as lesser known locations – you can see the book index below and click on any image to see the chapter introduction.  The Wednesdays in Marblehead book makes a great gift for the ‘Header who has lived here their entire life, the new graduate to take a bit of home along with them or the new homebuyer to welcome them to this incredible New England town with a rich history and many traditions.

Each copy is autographed by the artist and ships FREE.

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