Ever since I read about the Marblehead Little Theater building out a new vestibule, I’ve wanted to get this image.  During the building, I was actually fortunate to be taken up to the (now closed) tower and captured a few scenes for my From the Rooftops series.

On this December morning, I was waiting to shoot the Christmas tree at the National Grand lot and walked around the block while waiting for the sun to rise and the light to gather.  I was thrilled to see the Marblehead Little Theater without a car out front and with a few great placards out front.  I took this photo and then played a bit with the light and color to get it just right (there was a strong tint from the street lamp initially).  Make sure you visit their website and keep track of their live shows.  It’s worth a visit and the area offers great restaurants to choose from both before and after a show.

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