I’ve wanted to shoot Shubie’s for a very long time but hadn’t been able to come up with an adequate composition whenever I ventured out.  My most recent failed attempt was a close-up of the great red couch that lies just outside the doors facing Atlantic Avenue.

On this particular day, I had been driving down Atlantic Avenue to scout out trees hitting peak bloom.  As I came down towards Shubie’s, I again noted the great juxtaposition of Abbot Hall tower in the background immediately behind Shubie’s Marketplace.  I decided to pull over as soon as I saw that and figured my longest zoom might be able to snake around the wires and do the scene some justice.

The composition looked great in my viewfinder but I had to time this just right so that cars wouldn’t block the road.  As it was there were two parked cars on the right, one near the Shubie’s sign and a bright yellow one reflected in the windows.  It took a bit of work but those cars magically disappeared after a good hour in front of the computer and I was left with this scene.

Happy 65th Birthday Shubie’s!  Sorry this is a bit belated.  And for those who haven’t tried them yet, make sure to order up some fish tacos next time you visit the Marketplace…you’ll thank me later.