After a very long Winter and slow start to Spring, the view of cherry blossoms in bloom at the Harris Street cemetery was a very welcome sight to behold.  Since living in Washington, DC, I’ve equated the start of Spring with the arrival of cherry blossoms.  When I found this collection of cherry blossom trees in Marblehead several years ago, it became my go-to location for capturing the beautiful trees and signaling that Spring had arrived in Marblehead.

I had made a few passes down Harris Street to check the progress of the trees this year and, on Tuesday night, found perfect light and full bloom awaiting my arrival.  I used a borrowed lens which is notable for producing incredible sunstars (or sunbursts) and set to work trying to capture an image of the pink blossoms with a brilliant sunstar in the frame.  After a walk through the cemetery, I decided on this composition with a border of headstones on either side and a central positioning of the tree.

Finally!  Spring arrives in Marblehead.