I mentioned last week that I had visited the Gerry School on Wednesday to explore the old school in anticipation of Town Meeting this Monday.  Here are a few more images of the school for those who passed through these halls as children or have kids in the Coffin/Gerry School district.

Above is the warming station or cafeteria where food is reheated after being made at the Village School.  Children pick up their meal and then return to their classrooms to eat at their desks.  Above the cafeteria is a quote by Elbridge Gerry that reads:

“It is the duty of every man,
though he may have but one day to live,
to devote that day
to the good of his country”

Below is the water fountain and sink on the first floor of the Gerry School with a rug depicting the district underneath.

A drinking fountain and sink stand before a carpet at the Gerry School