One last view of the Elbridge Gerry Elementary School before tonight’s Town Meeting discussion of the feasibility study that will be put to voters in the Fall.  The Gerry School is a very small building by modern school standards and it seems that 100 years ago there must have been little need for offices for any of the administrative staff.

As I explored the basement, I found two makeshift offices that highlight the resourcefulness of the staff at the Gerry School.  One office can be seen above literally under the stairs leading down to the basement gymnasium.

Below, a shared office is tucked away behind a shower curtain to offer some separation between the children playing in the basement and those staff members working at their desks.

Please attend Town Meeting tonight to take part in the most democratic tradition passed on to the current residents of Marblehead by the Town founders.

Two offices are seperated from the art room and basement gymnasium by a shower curtain at the Gerry School