FL Woods

Keep it Local – FL Woods

Even though every FL Woods label clearly states 'Established 1938' on it, I hadn't realized that it has been in this same exact location on Washington Street for all of those 84 years. Please correct me if that's wrong as their site states they have been here for 'over 75 years'... Anyway, the store is a Marblehead institution and I couldn't pass up the chance to capture the storefront with snow falling on this mid-February morning.

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Keep it Local – FL Woods

I've been to FL Woods on a number of occasions over the years and have always appreciated the store front but, until I took this image and got it ready to post, I didn't realize how much history lies behind that facade.  You can read the full history by following the link above but suffice it to say that Fred L Woods Jr started the company (out of his home) in 1938!  I'm guessing this is the oldest continuously operating business in Marblehead and definitely should be on your list of stores to hit this weekend as you...keep it local. [...]

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