Just in time for the weekend, here is another Keep it Local entry.  I was walking in Old Town a few weeks ago and, for some reason, turned down Darling Street.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a purple door for what must have been the first time and then read what was written on the awning overhead – Fred Finkel Silversmith.  I composed this shot to include the path leading to the door and the light beyond.

It was only later that I looked up Fred Finkel and found that he has been working in Marblehead as a gold- and silversmith since 1976.  Even more fascinating than his use of traditional methods is his careful restoration of artifacts and, especially, walking sticks.  Take a look at his website to see some examples.  If you are in need of a gold- or silversmith, look no further than 2 Darling Street.

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