Darling Street

Snowed in – Winter in Marblehead

This image was captured after yesterday's share from February 10 at Crocker Park.  The last light of sunset was fading as I headed to my car and looked back to find the incredible piles of snow pushed against this house on the corner of Darling and Front Streets. I remembered that I had a very similar image and checked my archives to find it was taken on February 9, 2013.  It's amazing to see the difference in snow height compared to the last snowy Winter in Marblehead. February 9, 2013:

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On the Corner of Front and Darling Streets

I was walking down Darling Street on this late November day when I noticed the red house on the corner.  The angle that Front and Darling Streets make at their intersection is quite strong and this house had a triangular corner to make the most of that meeting point.  I positioned myself to highlight the sharp angle and considered myself lucky to have the street devoid of parked cars.  This was a particularly early sunset and, at just after 3pm, the light was already starting to get that warm glow which you see reflected in some of the windows.  There [...]

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Keep it Local – Fred Finkel Silversmith

Just in time for the weekend, here is another Keep it Local entry.  I was walking in Old Town a few weeks ago and, for some reason, turned down Darling Street.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a purple door for what must have been the first time and then read what was written on the awning overhead - Fred Finkel Silversmith.  I composed this shot to include the path leading to the door and the light beyond. It was only later that I looked up Fred Finkel and found that he has been working in Marblehead [...]

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