As many of you know, the movie Grown Ups 2 is filming in town and will be closing Lafayette street today to shoot a scene that may look a lot like the one you see above.  On Wednesday night, I was returning home from photographing the new pier at Stramski beach and noticed that the Ice Cream House was complete.  The lights were on for a night game and I immediately pulled over with a shot in mind.  I set up and tried a few compositions before settling on this one.  The light was fading fast and the field lights threatened to overwhelm the scene so I ended up taking 5 separate images at different exposures and combining them to get the image you see above.

I have to thank the entire cast and crew of the movie for choosing to showcase the town of Marblehead.  I’ve been trying to do that with this website and my photography and am thrilled that more people will be able to see all the things that make this town special.  While you are driving down some detours today, please keep that notion in mind and don’t sweat the extra 5-10 minute commute in and out of town…it’s worth it.