Opening Day

This aerial image of opening day for baseball in Marblehead was captured almost exactly two years ago - April 28, 2018. While baseball season has been postponed and crowds of kids and parents can't line the outfield at Gatchell Park quite yet, these traditions will return at some point in the future.

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Playing Ball at Seaside Park

After watching the Red Sox take a 2-1 lead last night against the Houston Astros, I looked through my 'to be posted' catalog for an image to share today and immediately stopped at this one.  I had flown my drone over the parking lot across from Seaside Park in the summer of 2017 while the Seasiders were playing ball. While Seaside Park obviously gets its name from its position abutting the harbor, it's only in an aerial view that one can appreciate just how close the harbor really is. The boats filling their moorings and the entirety of Marblehead Neck [...]

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Baseball in the Fog

For those who don't know me outside of this website, I'm the father of two children and purchased my first 'real' camera six months before my now 12 year old son was born. That led to landscape photography and eventually Wednesdays in Marblehead. For every landscape shot I share, I probably take 5-10 of the kids doing activities or just trying to capture moments before they grow up. Only once before have my kid shots and the landscape ones come together in a group shot of kids at Redd's during the Fourth of July sailboat regatta. Last night, I was [...]

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Baseball by the Harbor at Seaside Park

When I drove down Atlantic Avenue on Sunday and spotted the sign for a Seasiders baseball game set to start at 5pm, I decided to return with my Phantom 4 Pro and capture the view of baseball by the harbor at Seaside park.  I had captured this baseball field on Atlantic Avenue a number of times but was looking forward to an aerial view that would show the proximity of the field to Marblehead Harbor behind it and the rest of the town. I launched the drone from the lot across the street and hovered overhead while waiting (and hoping) [...]

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Play Ball at Seaside Park

This year, the North Shore baseball league brought their Summer series to Seaside Park in Marblehead.  The Marblehead Seasiders played games on weekdays and weekends in front of the wooden grandstand that still stands after one hundred years. I drove by several times when games were in session and it was quite a sight to view a game being played at this perfect little field.  With the first season over, I'm sure many in town will look forward to watching a Summer game at Seaside park next year.

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The Grandstand at Seaside Park

In May 2014, I was still getting the hang of capturing these black and white infrared images when I drove by Seaside Park and had to stop and take a few shots.  I had quickly learned that foliage against blue skies made for a great combination in infrared and this scene before me offered the best of both. Though the bases had not yet been placed in position, the grandstand at Seaside Park stood perfectly centered in its dark wood color amidst a sea of foliage that shone white in this final image.  The grass similarly glowed and was broken [...]

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Gatchell Field and the Old Maple Tree

I love the huge tree that stands in the midst of Gatchell's field and have been hoping for a good shot of it at peak foliage colors.  With each passing year though, the tree seems to turn earlier and lose it's leaves far too quickly.  I'm not sure if it is stressed or sick but I just haven't been able to get the timing right for a decent image. This year, I kept passing the tree without seeing that moment but, after a rain storm, decided to head out one more time.  The top of the tree was bare at [...]

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Keep it Local – Grown Ups 2

As many of you know, the movie Grown Ups 2 is filming in town and will be closing Lafayette street today to shoot a scene that may look a lot like the one you see above.  On Wednesday night, I was returning home from photographing the new pier at Stramski beach and noticed that the Ice Cream House was complete.  The lights were on for a night game and I immediately pulled over with a shot in mind.  I set up and tried a few compositions before settling on this one.  The light was fading fast and the field lights [...]

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Play Ball at Seaside Park

I made my way down to Seaside Park on a beautiful Summer Day to try a reshoot of the area behind the stands (that was the 'mystery' shot posted yesterday).  After I finished shooting that area, I made my way to the diamond and stared out from home plate.  The sky and clouds were perfect so I set up for one more picture to capture the feel of getting ready to bat in this beautifully  appointed field.

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