I posted the view of the tea house yesterday and hinted at today’s image.  When I arrived at 405 Ocean Avenue, I made a bee line for this spot and took my time to explore the space inside the tea house.  The angles and reflections were incredible and I wanted to focus on the structure of the house and offer the viewer a sense of walking in on a warm Summer day to sit, relax and enjoy the sounds and views of the ocean outside.

For those interested, I should mention that this was not the first image captured when I set foot inside the house.  I took my time with the camera and my widest lens to explore the room and find a vantage point that offered the best depiction of what sitting in that spot would feel like.  The light outside was strong and I decided to allow that to blow out a bit (while retaining the detail in the ocean) as I did not want the cloudless Summer sky to steal attention from the interior.  This way, the outside world serves as atmosphere more than subject.

I also made sure to put a circular polarizer on the lens so that I could bring out the reflection in the top windows and lessen the harsh light on the bench.