Marblehead Neck

Natural Light

On November 5th, I had gone out to capture the last late sunset of the year but found myself in the wrong position to capture an unexpectedly strong sunset. I quickly pivoted and decided to make the lamp post on the causeway my focal point and kept moving as the clouds did to keep the brightest light behind the (unfortunately) unlit lamps. Just goes to show that natural light really does outshine the artificial stuff...

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Through the Glow of Sunset

A bit of a late post this morning as I had taken yesterday and today off for Rosh Hashana. Happy New Year to all who celebrate! This image came from mid-June when I found myself on the wrong end of a sunset and decided to make the most of it by capturing sunset light reflecting off the houses along the Neck. As luck would have it, a launch boat broke through the glow of sunset at just the right moment and made for a nice final image.

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Showing Off the Town

My parents were visiting this weekend and, on Saturday, we jumped in the car with my daughter and headed out looking for something to shoot. We drove to Devereux Beach and struggled with the decision of which direction might bring a better show - west toward the setting sun or east where some clouds promised to reflect the golden light. We ended up driving across the causeway and onto the Neck then to Foster Street and a quick walk to the end of the pier at the Pleon. As it turned out, the light was far better towards the east [...]

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Summer Days at Castle Rock

Before the storm came through on Sunday night, I had gone out on a hot and humid summer day to capture views of Marblehead with cumulus clouds overhead. I realized a few weeks ago that I had been favoring sunset shots at the expense of the bright scenes of mid-day. So at 2pm on a 99 degree day, I headed out to capture views of summer days in Marblehead. Castle Rock was a later stop and I found it far more full than this image would have you believe. There were plenty of people down on the beach (only present [...]

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Light Under the Rainbow

We started Saturday July 2nd with some rain and then had thunderstorms threaten but ended up veering to the south of us. I had gone out at 6pm hoping to capture some lightning but watches as the cells fell apart on radar. However, as rain formed and looked like it might clip Marblehead, I decided to head out once more - this time to Front Street. I arrived and could see rain in the distance behind Marblehead Light and the sun had appeared but there was no rainbow to be found. I waited and another shower hit after which I [...]

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Ready for the Season

Back to the sunset on March 18th and my first stop along Foster Street. I had shot toward Abbot and the lighthouse but decided to try this composition of the two cranes at the end of the pier just as the sun dipped under a cloud. I closed the aperture as small as it would go and managed to pull out a few sun rays against the cloud while also maximizing focus throughout the frame.  The two cranes seem ready for the season and to start filling Marblehead Harbor with boats. Won't be long now before those moorings fill up...

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Smoke Washing Ashore

As luck would have it, we had another very cold morning in Marblehead on January 15th and I decided to capture the sea smoke as dawn broke behind Tinker's Island. Once the sun rose high enough, I turned the camera to capture smoke washing ashore with each wave and hitting the rocks along the causeway. The arctic air created interesting heat diffraction in sections of the image along the lamp posts.

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Aglow at the Eastern

Another image from Sunday night in which I was able to include that great cloud formation. I had made my way from Castle Rock to Foster Street and found a perfect spot for capturing the sunset behind Abbot Hall. As the sun dipped lower and began to emit a red-orange light, I turned and found the Eastern aglow. By moving around a bit, I was able to line up the cloud behind the Eastern Yacht Club as well as its golden reflection in the waters of the harbor. This was a 5-shot horizontal panorama that stretched from the lighthouse to [...]

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Cloud Show at Castle Rock

I mentioned in Sunday night's post of that crazy sunset behind Abbot that my first stop had been Castle Rock. I had arrived just as a rain cloud passed offshore and had hoped for a rainbow but had to 'settle' for this really nice cloud show at Castle Rock instead. At 7:26pm, the sun was just low enough that a bit of golden glow can be seen in the middle of the cloud formation which reflected off the waters of the Atlantic below. I only stayed here for a few minutes before heading back to Foster Street but was excited [...]

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