Last Wednesday, while running errands including depositing some checks at the National Grand Bank, I asked about the timing of the lights for the Christmas tree in the parking lot across the street.  I ended up meeting and speaking with Jim Nye, the bank president, and he offered to turn on the lights at dawn the following morning so that I could photograph the tree.

I spent some time on this morning shooting that tree and walking around School, Essex and Pleasant Streets to capture some other businesses.  As the light began to show in the morning sky, I decided to capture the imposing facade of the bank.  I usually try to avoid a head-on view when shooting architecture but, in this case, decided to do so as it added a sense of power to this venerable institution.  There was just enough light to keep the shutter speed fast and capture the flag flying at full mast.

Look for an image of the town Christmas tree next week.  And if you live in town, consider doing your banking at the National Grand Bank.  The personal attention that they offer is like taking a step back in time before faceless companies became the banking powers that they are.  Also, if you visit, make sure to check out their great display of money with Marblehead and the National Grand Bank printed on the front.

With the return of the Winter parking ban, I hope to resurrect my Keep it Local series that focuses on capturing local storefronts without cars parked in front and interfering with the beautiful facades.