Pleasant Street

Heart of the Walking Man

Tom Saltsman has done it again - another brilliant sculpture to bring awe and wonder to the citizens of Marblehead. This year's sculpture is more incredible for having stood (literally) through two storms including a violent Nor'Easter that took out the town's power supply. I had seen the sculpture while it was still being put together and then on social media posts and had this image in mind but the weather would not cooperate...until today. After what felt like days of straight rain, the clouds parted and the sun actually shone. I headed to 32 Pleasant Street and found conditions [...]

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Horribles Parade

Since moving to Marblehead in May 2008, I've made it a point to head down to Pleasant Street every July 4th at 10am for the Marblehead Horribles Parade.  We didn't know what to expect that first year but, once the candy started flying, my kids were hooked.  Between that and the parade of kids dressed up in one of three categories - Current Events, Historical or Original (that covers just about everything) - the parade has become a perfect way to celebrate the Fourth.  This is one of the many Marblehead Traditions that make this coastal New England town so [...]

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From the Rooftops – Pleasant Street at Dawn

Can you tell that I enjoyed my time atop St. Michael's steeple?  This is another image from New Years day and came as the light picked up a bit in the morning sky.  I composed the image of Pleasant street at dawn to showcase Grace Community Church as well as the stores in historic downtown Marblehead.  The addition of lights in some of the store windows add a warm glow to the final scene.

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Top 10 of 2015 – Leave a Light On at Mud Puddle

I usually like to wait a little while after taking and sharing an image to decide if it has 'legs' and will remain a favorite for years to come.  In the case of this image of Mud Puddle Toys and the corner of Pleasant and Washington Streets, I knew the moment I clicked the shutter. The response to the image was overwhelming and confirmed my early feelings.    Here is #10 in the Top 10 of 2015 Countdown.

Keep it Local – The Riptide

On March 23rd, I was out shooting a sunrise and then headed to Pleasant Street to capture the Warwick Theater.  I then turned to see what other local businesses I might be able to photograph and realized I was standing directly in front of The Riptide. When I decided to share this image, I turned to the Riptide's Facebook page for a bit of background on the bar/lounge.  I had no idea so much history resided here: The Riptide Lounge became a bar in the late thirties or early forties when it was known as Kylie's It is believed [...]

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The Warwick Theater – Then and Now

Recently, I happened upon images of London where old and new photos were superimposed drawing incredible contrasts and similarities as a result.  I remembered that I had gone out during the Winter parking ban in 2010 to capture images of the Warwick before it was slated for demolition and decided to see if I might be able to match up the modern version of that theater.  And so, on the morning of March 23rd, I headed to Pleasant Street and set up for a shot of the facade of the Warwick Theater. I found an image that came close to [...]

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Keep it Local – Junji Sushi

One hour - that's how long we waited from the time Junji Fine Japanese Cuisine opened its doors to our first meal there.  We had passed by the opening soon sign countless times as we drove by on Pleasant Street and my kids kept asking when we might go.  The thought of a sushi restaurant in Marblehead, and one whose chef had such a strong following at his former location, was too good to believe. And so it was that on the opening night, we dined on dishes familiar and new.  The meal was excellent with fresh fish at very [...]

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Marblehead Academy

A quick one to finish off the week.  I was always intrigued by the lettering on this building on Pleasant Street declaring it as the Marblehead Academy.  To read more about the history of this building, click this link:

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Keep it Local – National Grand Bank

Last Wednesday, while running errands including depositing some checks at the National Grand Bank, I asked about the timing of the lights for the Christmas tree in the parking lot across the street.  I ended up meeting and speaking with Jim Nye, the bank president, and he offered to turn on the lights at dawn the following morning so that I could photograph the tree. I spent some time on this morning shooting that tree and walking around School, Essex and Pleasant Streets to capture some other businesses.  As the light began to show in the morning sky, I decided [...]

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Leaves on Fire at the Old Post Office

Here is yet another view from the very productive foliage hunt that took place on Wednesday, October 17th.  Shortly after leaving the Tree on the Path, I found myself on Pleasant street to check the status of this lone tree.  I had noticed the unusual shape of the tree in my rearview mirror of all things a few weeks previously and liked the front of the Old Post Office.  It turns out that this tree was showing off its great colors as well on this particular morning and I sought to capture them.  Between the color of the leaves [...]

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