It’s the middle of March and far too cold outside so I went into the archive and pulled out this image from last Summer.  It’s rare to have the Old Town House open its doors…let alone both of them.  But that was the case on a very warm late June day during the 2012 Marblehead Festival of Arts.  I had been at Old Town House to look at the photography works on this particular day when I noted the back doors were open.  I walked out the back and down the stairs and was happy that my camera was strapped around my neck.  I quickly set up across the street and waited for a pause as people milled about inside.  I finally had my opportunity and captured this image.

Between the warm sun and flowers on the trees, nothing quite says Summer like this image of Old Town House.  And the good news is that looking at the archive showed me some blossoming trees as early as March 31st…won’t be much longer now.