Old Town House

Old Town House – 1727

Another shot from the morning in mid-February when I ventured into historic downtown Marblehead to play with a new lens. I took this one minute before the corner shot of State and Washington Streets. Here the lens was opened to its maximum aperture as I was curious if I would get much of that 'bokeh' effect with such a wide lens. The result was subtle... What I noticed more was the gleaming sign above the green doors of Old Town House - 1727. Hard to believe we are only 8 years out from the 300-year anniversary of this yellow sided [...]

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Turning Leaves at Old Town House

I had gone out on Sunday, October 21st to find early signs of autumn in Marblehead having noticed the maples had already hit peak color. I started off at the high school before heading down Pleasant Street to historic downtown Marblehead. Once there, I made it a point to circle Old Town House and spotted a few turning leaves in the trees on either side of the building. I found this spot from which to capture the yellow facade and gradual progression of fall color from the leaves at the top to the green ones below.

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Snowy Branches over Old Town House

With snow falling yesterday, I figured the window for sharing images of snow was extended for just a bit longer. Today's image wasn't taken during the April snowfall but rather on December 10th - back when snow was something to be admired. I had driven to downtown Marblehead after a picture perfect snow fall created snowy branches throughout the town. I parked in the small lot across from Old Town House and took note of these snow lined branches perfectly framing this view of Washington Street.

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Lantern Walk at Old Town House

In early February, I was finally able to join the Glover's Regiment for their annual lantern walk to celebrate the life of their benefactor.  I shared a video of several images narrated by the captain Seamus Daly but held onto this vertical image to share on a later date. I had arrived at Old Town House as Glover's Regiment gathered and received instructions for the lantern walk. As I shot images of them gathered in front of the familiar yellow building, I spotted a hooded woman coming near. I quickly switched to a vertical orientation and captured this shot as [...]

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First Light on Washington Street

The blizzard conveniently ended on a Wednesday and I set an alarm to capture first light on Washington Street covered in snow. I knew from my house that the snow would like have stuck to the branches of trees and sides of houses and was not disappointed to find this scene of historic downtown laid out before me. I passed this spot earlier as I started off flying my drone up to Abbot Hall for an image of the clock face caked in snow. After landing, I decided to walk up State Street and across Washington Street to find equally [...]

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Blanket of Snow around Old Town House

Here it is - the last new image I will share in 2017.  Next week, I plan on doing my top 10 of 2017 countdown culminating with the annual New Years Day slideshow looking back at all 169 images of Marblehead that I've shared in the past year. Today's image was one of the last I took on Sunday morning as I went from one area in town to another capturing images after the first snowfall of the season.  There's something magical about that first snow and this year's was no exception with sticky snow and little wind leading to [...]

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Old Town House in the Snow

The past few days haven't lacked for snow but wether it was the poor light or timing of the fall (and pauses between), I hadn't been able to capture views of our town blanketed in white.  Thankfully, I've been out many times in the snow and often came back with views of the same landmark from different angles resulting in very different perspectives. Today's image of Old Town House in the snow comes from a picture perfect snow fall on the morning of January 24, 2015.  There had been a light but sticky snow overnight and the plows had made [...]

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Flying over Old Town House

It's good to be back...  My family and I just returned from a week long stay in the Turks and Caicos where we basked in the warmth of perfect weather.  It was a treat to shoot my kids on the sandy beach of Grace Bay and to fly my Phantom 4 Pro over the turquoise waters.  But it also made me excited to do the same over Marblehead as soon as this Winter ends. So far, this Winter hasn't been very photogenic with little snowfall and mostly drab light.  However, on the morning of January 8th, I had headed to [...]

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Snowy Morning in Marblehead

After 9 inches of snow fell on Marblehead this past weekend, I couldn't wait for dawn and a chance to capture the views of historic downtown Marblehead from the air.  I woke early and drove down to Washington Street from where I launched the Phantom 4 Pro and took in the views of our town on a snowy morning. It's one thing to compose an image in 2 dimensions but quite another to add height to the equation.  I'm still learning a lot when it comes to creating dramatic compositions with aerial photography but this image with Old Town House in [...]

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Marching in the Christmas Walk Parade

This weekend, the annual Marblehead Christmas Walk took place and, as an added bonus, my daughter was marching in the Christmas Walk parade for the first time.  I decided to set up along State Street hoping to capture images of Glover's Regiment and then her cheerleading group on this timeless street with the star hanging from a crane near the Landing.  I managed a few shots that I was happy with and then ran up State and across Washington Street to try one more shot of Glover's Regiment marching in front of Old Town House. As luck would have it, [...]

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