Today’s image was an easy one to pick and it has a number of different meanings.

First and foremost, I’m tired of the cold and the snow.  This is the scene at Eveleth School from a beautiful (and warm) Spring day last year.  I walk my son to school here every morning and kept an eye on the trees waiting for the flowers to peak and for a nice cloud filled sky.  This was as perfect as I could have imagined and should give you hope as you walk out this morning and take your kids to school or head off to work or simply walk around and explore the town.

Second and maybe more importantly, I decided over the weekend to run for School Committee and am dropping off my paperwork this morning.  I shared my intentions on my Facebook page over the weekend and will put them here as well.  I do not plan to politicize this site in any way and this will likely be the first and last time I discuss politics on the site – I’ll find other venues for those discussions.  Here is what I wrote:

The sudden resignation of our Superintendent has brought attention to the ‘fractured environment’ of the current School Committee. For those that only know me as a photographer, I am also the father of two young children who are and will be attending Eveleth school. As the product of a public school education, I am troubled that our schools appear to be mismanaged by a few individuals at the cost of our children’s education. It is with that in mind that I obtained the necessary paperwork to appear on the ballot for School Committee member in the upcoming election.

This is the first step in a long road and I greatly appreciate your support.


Eyal Oren ‘Wednesdays in Marblehead’