Spring is in the Air

Five years after moving to Marblehead in 2008, I stumbled upon the three cherry blossom trees at the Harris Street Cemetery. I've gone back each year to capture them in full bloom and, despite the small space, am thrilled to keep finding new compositions as the blooms and light change slightly each spring. This was the earliest I had ever captured the cherry blossoms in full bloom (in 2013 they didn't reach peak until April 21st!).   However, with this year's mild winter and spring, it wasn't a surprise to find the trees had reached peak on April 6, 2020. This [...]

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The Chestnut Tree

In May 2016, I happened to go to Crocker Park one evening and found the large chestnut tree there to be in full bloom. I had never seen these flowers before and captured them on a few evenings in varying light and with different compositions. This is the last one I had in the 'to be posted' file. Guess I'll have to visit again in the next few days to see if it has blossomed.

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Shining through the Blossoms

On April 27th, I returned to the Harris Street cemetery hoping that the rainfall from the day before had resulted in even more color being displayed than on my previous visits. Sure enough, the cherry blossoms were radiant in pinks and purples and I spent an hour before work exploring various compositions in the cemetery. One thing my prior gear had not been capable of capturing is a proper sun star. With my move to Sony, I made sure that at least one of my new lenses could do justice to this trick of the light created by closing down [...]

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Peak Cherry Blossoms in Marblehead

Spring has officially arrived in Marblehead with this display of peak cherry blossoms color at the Harris Street cemetery.  For those who are new to my site, I spent several years in Washington, DC before moving to Marblehead and quickly came to associate the peak of cherry blossoms with the arrival of spring.  Granted, that tends to occur in late March/early April down there but, nonetheless, I have been visiting and photographing the Harris Street cherry blossoms for several years now to help me mark the onset of spring in Marblehead. For the past few years, the three cherry blossom [...]

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The Golden Cod and the Cherry Blossom

So I've decided that this Spring is either very late or a complete dud at this point as there has been very little in the way of flowering trees to capture as of May 2nd.  As a very gloomy Monday came to a close, I looked into my archive and found this image captured on May 1, 2011 at a house across the street from Abbot Hall.  I was first drawn to this spot by the cherry blossom lit in morning light but then decided to compose the image to include the house sign with its golden cod. The sign [...]

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Spring in Marblehead – Cherry Blossoms on Washington Street

We were away last week during the school vacation having decided to drive down to Washington, DC and explore the city where we lived for several years before moving to Marblehead.  As we drove down, the trees filled in and flowers began to appear on trees.  DC itself was in full Spring bloom and pollen literally caked our car within a few days. On our return, I drove around town looking for signs of Spring in Marblehead.  I was disappointed to find my favorite patch of cherry blossoms had not started to bloom but found this tree along Washington Street [...]

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A Touch of Spring on Harris Street

What better way to welcome the first day of Spring than with my favorite group of cherry blossoms in Marblehead.  The pink blossoms seen here in full bloom add a touch of Spring to the Harris Street Cemetery every April. It won't be long before the snow melts, flowers bloom and boats re-enter Marblehead Harbor.

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Remembering the Blossoms

This has to be the dreariest Spring to ever hit Marblehead as we have paid for the mild Winter with endless cold and rainy days.  The weather has played havoc with the flowering trees as most haven't even flowered or did after the leaves had already appeared.  The end result has been a dreary Spring and a collective wait for the warmth of Summer. If you have followed my site for any length of time, you'll know that Spring doesn't officially arrive in my mind until I can capture images of cherry blossoms.  This year may end up being a [...]

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The Marblehead Museum

Today's image takes us back to last week and the repeated attempts to capture this flowering tree along Washington Street with Abbot Hall in the background.  I had finally hit upon peak blooms and great light on this third visit to the location across the street (in the garden of the Jeremiah Lee Mansion).  After capturing the vertical composition, I walked up Washington Street to see if there was solid horizontal view to be had.  I was quite pleased to find that I could fit in the Marblehead Museum and Abbot Hall in the frame with the flowering tree and [...]

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Spring Blossoms under St. Michael’s steeple

St. Michael's new steeple has been in place for less than a year and yet it looks right at home when looked at up close and as part of the skyline. I was out running errands on Wednesday morning and walked along Washington Street and by St. Michael's church when I looked to my right and noted a tree in full bloom.  I walked closer to check angles and compositions and was pretty sure this would 'work'.  After picking up some framed prints that had been at the Chamber of Commerce (and will be up at West Marine on Saturday [...]

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