Recently, I happened upon images of London where old and new photos were superimposed drawing incredible contrasts and similarities as a result.  I remembered that I had gone out during the Winter parking ban in 2010 to capture images of the Warwick before it was slated for demolition and decided to see if I might be able to match up the modern version of that theater.  And so, on the morning of March 23rd, I headed to Pleasant Street and set up for a shot of the facade of the Warwick Theater.

I found an image that came close to this composition from November 2010 and worked to match up the building on the right as best as I could to get the elements in place.  I then added a fade effect across the middle of the stacked images to add a soft transition from old on the right to new on the left.

The resulting image came out better than I could have hoped.  The stark contrasts between the broken down sign and the modern electronic one, the dirty paint on one side and fresh and clean on the other are incredible to behold.  Even more so, the similarities become quite obvious and the care taken in capturing the original architecture are impressive.

I may try a few more of these as time goes on but for now, I hope you like this view of the Warwick Theater – Then and Now.