On March 23rd, I was out shooting a sunrise and then headed to Pleasant Street to capture the Warwick Theater.  I then turned to see what other local businesses I might be able to photograph and realized I was standing directly in front of The Riptide.

When I decided to share this image, I turned to the Riptide’s Facebook page for a bit of background on the bar/lounge.  I had no idea so much history resided here:

  • The Riptide Lounge became a bar in the late thirties or early forties when it was known as Kylie’s
  • It is believed to have received the first license to serve alcohol in Marblehead when Prohibition ended
  • The name was changed to the Rip Tide (or Riptide) in the 1950’s
  • In 1968, George Ciampa purchased it and now owns it with his son, Chris Ciampa