Continuing with last week’s tour of the Gerry School in advance of Town Meeting, here are three vertical shots aimed at capturing very different locations in the old school.

Above is an image of a child’s chair and table underneath the flag was spotted in the basement gymnasium.  There was something about the simple scene with a note written on the whiteboard and the gym mats stacked neatly on the side that grabbed my attention.

On the left is the view from outside one of the classrooms at the Gerry School.  The small corridor has been every inch of space in use as children’s bags are hung on the left while books tower over them on the right.  On the right and again in the basement, I spotted a yellow caution sticker leading to the boiler that tries to heat this ancient building.  While the furnace itself wasn’t much to look at, I couldn’t help but showcase the art supplies and a recent drawing along the wall near the dire warnings about asbestos exposure.


A sign cautions about asbestos exposure near art supplies and a child's drawing at the Gerry School