In the past few weeks, I have switched gears a bit and become the photographer for the Marblehead High School JV football team. My son is a sophomore and I was fortunate to be granted permission to shoot games from the field. It has been an incredible experience with new challenges compared to my usual landscape work.

Last night, I attended the varsity game with camera in hand hoping to get a few shots from behind the chain link fence but was invited on the field unexpectedly and was thrilled to shoot under the Friday night lights (as tough as that ended up being!).  I shared the field with two other team photographers and walked the field trying to time shots and predict the action.

I spent at least as much time shooting the football team as I did looking back at the stands filled with happy screaming students, parents and ‘Headers. Given the past 18 months of this pandemic, it was nothing short of incredible to be there among the community cheering and celebrating again. For anyone who might be concerned about the paucity of masks on display, Marblehead has an incredibly high vaccination rate and, given that as well as the outdoor venue, the event would be considered very low risk for transmission.

There is only one more varsity home game this season on October 29th so make sure you attend. I’m off to shoot the JV game in North Andover in a few hours…

You can find photos from last night’s game on a Flickr album –

And see the rest of my JV shots here (Instagram: link in profile) –