Having captured the annual Christmas Walk parade, my son and I stopped at Mino’s for lunch before heading out to Gillette Stadium to catch the Marblehead football game.  As we walked to the car, we spotted the Okommakamesit or Oko of Marblehead parked in front of the house where it is normally stationed.  This old handtub has participated in musters for over a hundred years and, as part of the Christmas Walk, the Okos had opened up their place on the corner of Washington and State Streets to visitors.

We headed inside and took in the small museum on the second floor.  My son made a beeline for the rifles on display and I looked at the many medals won in past musters.  As we left, I looked back and spotted this perfect composition of the Oko of Marblehead glowing in the noon sun.  I stepped back to include the sign proclaiming this to be the entrance to the Marblehead Historic District.