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Shining on Washington Street

I went to sleep Sunday night hoping the snow wouldn't build up much more and would continue to fall with first light so I would have a chance to capture some new scenes of downtown Marblehead. Sure enough, I awoke to find the snow falling and headed out the door. I came home with five favorites from the morning and now have at least one shot to represent January in next year's calendar. Normally when I come home from an outing like this, I'll share an image daily and link that to Facebook/Instagram. After a few days, some will end [...]

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Round Old Town House

Another image from the To Be Posted archive focusing on more snow-filled winters. This aerial sunrise shot comes from the morning of January 8, 2017. I had been exploring downtown and shot towards Abbot Hall and the harbor before trying to find unique aerial shots such as this near top-down view over Old Town House. I liked how the black asphalt encircled Old Town House while the rays of golden light could be seen making their way up State Street and highlight the smoke rising from the chimney. It's shots like this that make me want to dig that old [...]

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From the Rooftops – Old Town House

In the days before drones, I had a weekly project called From the Rooftops in which I found various rooftop vantage points around town for a new angle and perspective. Last week as I was driving, I spotted a new platform from which to capture historic downtown Marblehead and made my way up there with the guidance of the general contractor on Wednesday morning. The view was incredible from multiple directions and I'll share more in the weeks to come but I'm curious if anyone can figure out where this was captured from...

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Coming Down Mugford

I made a point of seeking out the Bowen House in 2015 as there is a beautiful cherry blossom out front and later learned two interesting things about it. It is one of only fifteen homes in Marblehead that were built before 1700 and still stand today. Also, it has been tied to the H.P. Lovecraft story 'The Festival'. That spring morning was very far removed from the scene I saw as I was coming down Mugford Street this past weekend. Freshly fallen snow had made the roads and sidewalks a bit treacherous and I was taking turns staring at [...]

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A New Take on State Street

I promised more images from Sunday's beautiful snow; though it went on far too long to be considered picturesque after the fifth hour or so... Shortly after capturing the view of Old Town House, I walked down State Street and shot from each side of the street before stopping here at the site of the old King's Rook and getting this new composition. I wanted to include the sign of all the establishments that had set up at this location against the backdrop of Maddie's signage. Also that blue door worked well with the green, yellow and blues in the [...]

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Snowflakes on Washington Street

It's funny how things work... I had gone out to capture the sunset after yesterday's spring-like weather and was frustrated by the light and lack of 'new' compositions. I drove home wondering if, after capturing landscapes of Marblehead for nearly 12 years, I had run out of new angles. Then I woke up this morning to picture perfect snow falling and drove out with camera in tow and came back an hour later with over 200 shots taken in four different areas and was thrilled to have come home with some new compositions. This is the first I'll share from [...]

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Snow Falling on State Street

On the same January morning in which I captured Mud Puddle, Arnould Gallery and Old Town House, I also decided to walk along Washington Street and stopped when I looked down State. The light dusting of snow (well before the more recent impressive snowfalls) had coated the roofs and sidewalks of these homes. That white coat only served to amplify the vibrant colors of the houses standing side by side along this historic street. I stepped into the street to get the angle just right and made sure to include the tree branches breaking up the otherwise monotone sky. A [...]

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Washington Street in the Snow

Overnight, a light snow fell over Marblehead and so, this morning, I headed down to Washington Street hoping to find a new composition to share in this new year. I drove by Abbot Hall and then turned to find the tree in front of Old Town House to be perfectly covered in white. I kept driving and parked in front of Haley's as soon as I spotted this view of Mud Puddle Toys, Arnould Gallery and Old Town House. I quickly crossed the street and lined up the colorful storefronts with the bright yellow backdrop of Old Town House. A [...]

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Christmas in the Cupola

It's a bit late for a Christmas post but when I received a message about a beautiful Christmas tree in the cupola of the Jeremiah Lee mansion, I knew I had to find a way to capture it before it was taken down. I arrived on Washington Street prepared with all of my lenses as well as the drone imagining the angles I might have to play with to capture the tree. I started with the drone and lucked out with some nice winter light on Abbot Hall to get the shoot off to a nice start. From there I [...]

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From the Scaffolds at Abbot Hall

Almost exactly six years ago, Abbot Hall was in the midst of much needed repairs and I somehow talked my way (with permission) to the top of the scaffolding that surrounded the building. This was before the availability of drones making such shots commonplace. Back then I recall sticking flyers under doors throughout historic downtown Marblehead hoping for a widow's walk or some other vantage point from which to find new compositions of this town. The view from the scaffolds at Abbot Hall did not disappoint - even if the light wasn't ideal. Here you can look down on Washington [...]

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