I hope no one is tired of images from Independence Day in Marblehead.  Having decided to shoot from the Pleon pier this year, I had almost too many vantage points from which to capture the incredible display.  I shared my favorite shot of fireworks and an image of the harbor illumination but in this image, I was able to capture both (plus an illuminated Marblehead Light as a bonus).

As this shot was taken early in the festivities (9:06pm), the flares were still going strong.  You can easily see the bright red glow along the edge of the pier but there are more flares visible at the Corinthian Yacht Club as well as on the fireworks barge.  In fact, the purple cloud plume from the flares seems to perfectly mimic the smoke from exploded fireworks overhead.

Between the unique harbor illumination and awesome fireworks display, Marblehead truly knows how to celebrate Independence Day.