Sunset Illumination

As challenging as the fireworks show was to capture, my perch atop the Corinthian Yacht Club afforded me an unparalleled view of the harbor illumination. At its peak with red flares ringing the harbor, the low clouds/fog opened up just enough to let through a bit of sunset light. The end result was magical and, as it would turn out, the sunset illumination far surpassed the views during the fireworks show itself.

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Fireworks in the Fog

Well, that was by far the most difficult fireworks show I have ever captured! I may have jinxed myself earlier in the night when I explained to friends that a big reason why I shoot the annual Fourth of July show is the challenge of capturing these moments. This year, I had come up with a great plan to shoot from atop the Corinthian Yacht Club. I had met with the general manager earlier in the week and scouted out some rooms with windows offering various vantage points. Tonight, I biked across the causeway and arrived early to set up [...]

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Ring Around the Neck

Before the first volley of fireworks is launched overhead, Marblehead residents (with help from the Boy Scouts) light flares encircling the harbor. The red flares are perfectly balanced by the deep blues of the sky and water in this blue hour. This year, I captured the view around Chandler Hovey Park from across the harbor at Fort Beach. With it being low tide, I was able to make my way between rocks for a water level view of the boats waiting for the show and the lights reflected in the harbor.

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Gathered for the Show

So this was my other favorite from last night's Independence Day fireworks celebration in Marblehead. I had started off at Lovis Cove but then moved over to Fort Beach after 10 minutes as I knew people had gathered on the rocks there with it being low tide. I found over the years that some of my favorite images were those in which I included people who were watching the show and this year, that seemed all the more important. With the first fireworks in Marblehead since 2018, it was a joy to watch people gathered again to celebrate something as [...]

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Fireworks over the Harbor

With this year's fireworks set to start at low tide, I had a few ideas in mind all centered around Front Street. I explored various spots including the rocks at Fort Beach but made a last minute decision to start shooting from Lovis Cave next to the Barnacle. The first volleys began as the flares from the harbor illumination were still burning brightly so I composed a wider shot to include the flares at Fort Sewall as well as those at Chandler Hovey Park. I lucked out with this image capturing the red explosion and the leading tail of the [...]

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Marblehead Fireworks – Best Places to Watch the Best Show on the Fourth

After ten years of shooting the Marblehead fireworks display, I realized I haven't create a single page from which one could find the best places to watch what is easily the best show on the Fourth of July.  Below you will find photos from each of the major locations around Marblehead Harbor from which to watch the Independence day celebration that takes place each year on July 4th beginning with a harbor illumination beginning at around 9pm and the fireworks display at 9:15pm. Check the map at the bottom of the page for each location. [...]

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Abbot’s Finale

I went out on Saturday night in the hopes of capturing some rogue fireworks shots but, as luck would have it, I was out of position for the shots I had envisioned. The following morning, I ran into a neighbor who told me that there were a few shots that seemed to explode right near Abbot Hall which instantly reminded me of this shot from 2016's show. I had photographed the fireworks from the Dolphin Yacht Club that year and ended up with a few keepers. I knew the location wouldn't work for a finale and I had scouted a [...]

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Fireworks over the Water

Since moving to Marblehead in May 2008, capturing the view of fireworks over the water has been one of my favorite outings each July. Sadly, for the second time in 12 years, the fireworks celebration has been cancelled (the last time was due to an awful ocean storm in 2014 preventing safe passage of the barge). This image comes from the show on July 4, 2018 and the vantage point of the causeway. I was in the same spot as for yesterday's shot of the harbor illumination and didn't even need my full zoom to capture this shot of red [...]

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Marblehead Fireworks Show

I missed the Marblehead fireworks show for the first time since moving here in 2008 and hope everyone enjoyed what I'm sure was a great show. Following up on Wednesday's post of the harbor illumination is this image of the fireworks display from 2015 and my favorite vantage point - a friend's cupola on the Neck. We were invited over for the day and I made sure to bring my camera and tripod. Shortly after arriving, I checked out their cupola and found the perfect composition. I ended up biking over to Corinthian Lane for the harbor illumination and then [...]

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