Eight years ago today, I started this website with an image of fireworks and the following caption:

‘I figured I would start off the blog with a bang (pardon the pun)!  The goal of this blog is to capture the beauty of the town of Marblehead, MA.  A new image will be posted every Wednesday so please follow me on Twitter or add the RSS feed for this page.’  Yes, this website predated Instagram and I don’t think Facebook had yet allowed Pages at that point.

We had moved to Marblehead in May 2008 and I had been exploring the town with photography. I thought that a blog (that’s what we called them back in 2010) would be a good incentive to keep taking photos of Marblehead and force me to share them on a weekly basis.  The name of the site was simply my day off from my ‘real’ job as an Allergist.

Well, it’s been eight years now and I could not have envisioned where Wednesdays in Marblehead would take me. The website has over 2,000 images of Marblehead at this point. My book has sold over 2,500 copies and I have sold out of calendars each year. I have been fortunate to receive the Best of Show award (my fourth!) at this year’s Marblehead Festival of Arts and had my images of Marblehead accompany a Vogue article earlier this year.

In the past, I have looked back with slideshows and created (a short) one this year as well. I focused on my favorite images from each year but have far more images to look through in past slideshows (click this link or the Slideshows link on my site – wednesdaysinmhd.com)