Under the Friday Night Lights

And another throwback to simpler times and recalling the joy of a Marblehead High School football game under the Friday night lights.  This shot was captured on September 7, 2018 when my daughter's then 5th grade Marblehead cheer team attended the game in full uniform.  I captured a few shots of the game from the fence but also took this shot of the cheerleaders on the sidelines. Again, at the time, the image was relegated to the 'to be published' folder but now brings back memories of fun evenings under the lights. Football may end up more interesting with its [...]

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End of the Rainbow

Back to that late June evening at Devereux Beach and the most vibrant rainbow I've ever seen in Marblehead. I shared a couple of wide shots of this rainbow but also captured some tighter compositions. I started off with only the rainbow, it's 'double' and the no wake sign in the frame but, when a family came into the frame with a water-skier, I knew I had to include them in this shot of the end of the rainbow.

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In the Wind

I am not a sailor. So when I was looking through my 'to be published' folder and spotted a bunch of small boats, I immediately thought 'oh, those must be Optis, I'll title this one Optis in the Wind'.  I set up the post and then, something nagged at me so I zoomed in and saw a big C420 on the sails.  Hmmm.... Well, the picture was still nice with the gathered boats under a nice cloud so I decided to go with it. The 'Opti' part of the title had to go so I was left with 'In the [...]

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Wednesdays in Marblehead Book – only 125 copies left

I started Wednesdays in Marblehead in 2010 in order to learn more about my new hometown having moved here in May 2008. Along the way, amazing opportunities opened up and I found myself selling prints of my work and, eventually, a book. I was just checking my home inventory of books and realized I only have 125 copies left of this second and likely final printing. With that in mind, I wanted to mention that the book was available and maybe suggest it as a great gift for the recent graduate to take with them to college in the [...]

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The Masked Fisherman

One more from Sunday's outing which started off at the State Street Landing where I spotted this young man fishing off the dock. Despite no one around, he had a mask around his face which was really nice to see. I got lucky with this frame to capture the line sailing over the Neck while a boat (yacht?) named Murphy's Law made its way out of the harbor.

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Counting Down the Days

As of today, the causeway is officially closed to pedestrians. With a fairly narrow sidewalk serving two way pedestrian traffic and the concerns for spreading coronavirus, the causeway will be closed until further notice. While I understand the concerns of those who will miss walking this great stretch of road that divides the Atlantic Ocean and our own Harbor, I completely support the decision to try to stem the tide of infection that is so easily transmitted. There has been at least one study of droplets and the effect of the slipstream formed from brisk walking, running or biking that [...]

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Gone but not Forgotten

On Friday, March 13th, on what would end up being my last real day of work for the forseeable future, I headed out at 5:30pm to chase some light. I had no destination in mind as I drove down Pleasant Street then State. I pulled into and out of the Landing lot and then headed down Front Street until I pulled over at Fort Beach. That spot offered me the best view of the interesting clouds and light over Chandler Hovey Park and I started off shooting a tight composition of that section of this image with my zoom extended. [...]

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Ghost Ship in Marblehead

Last year, the Saltsmans brought Marblehead a living dragon for Halloween. This year, the ghost ship Oceanna has arrived at their home to awe and delight everyone walking down Pleasant street tonight. I spotted the early build of this ghost ship last week as I headed to Crosby's and then began seeing images of it on Facebook. I kept watching the weather and hoping for foggy conditions with which the ship would undoubtedly come to life but rain kept showing up instead of fog. I decided to head down Pleasant Street on Wednesday morning and capture the incredible workmanship that [...]

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Thank You Eastern Yacht Club!

I gave my first ever photography talk last night at the Eastern Yacht Club and could not have asked for a better venue, crowd or hosts. Everyone at the Eastern made me feel welcome and it was awesome to hear ooh's and aah's spread through the room as people responded to my photographs of Marblehead. Thank you especially to the Callahans for the invitation and to Twig Burke for arranging a wonderful evening as well as sharing all of his knowledge of this town with us. My wife and I had a great night at the club. Last night I [...]

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