Ghost Ship in Marblehead

Last year, the Saltsmans brought Marblehead a living dragon for Halloween. This year, the ghost ship Oceanna has arrived at their home to awe and delight everyone walking down Pleasant street tonight. I spotted the early build of this ghost ship last week as I headed to Crosby's and then began seeing images of it on Facebook. I kept watching the weather and hoping for foggy conditions with which the ship would undoubtedly come to life but rain kept showing up instead of fog. I decided to head down Pleasant Street on Wednesday morning and capture the incredible workmanship that [...]

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Thank You Eastern Yacht Club!

I gave my first ever photography talk last night at the Eastern Yacht Club and could not have asked for a better venue, crowd or hosts. Everyone at the Eastern made me feel welcome and it was awesome to hear ooh's and aah's spread through the room as people responded to my photographs of Marblehead. Thank you especially to the Callahans for the invitation and to Twig Burke for arranging a wonderful evening as well as sharing all of his knowledge of this town with us. My wife and I had a great night at the club. Last night I [...]

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Talking Tree at The Hotel Marblehead

As we were driving down Pleasant Street the other day, my wife and I noticed that The Hotel Marblehead's blue and white exterior had been...altered. As a set for Adam Sandler's Netflix movie 'Hubie Halloween' that had been filming in downtown Marblehead recently, the hotel had gone through an incredible transformation to this haunted mansion complete with what appears to be a talking tree. When we drove by, there were lots of people admiring the work. I decided to return before sunrise hoping for some fog to add to the haunted look but that didn't transpire. I got the shot [...]

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Hollywood Comes to Marblehead – Hubie Halloween

After two weeks in London, Tel Aviv and Paris, it was time to return to the real world... or so I thought. Turned out that Marblehead was the backdrop for Adam Sandler's new Netflix movie 'Hubie Halloween' with historic downtown serving as the backdrop for a fall scene in Salem. I visited the set on Monday night when filming had come to a close and was exploring Old Town House draped in orange and black when I spotted a nice sunset forming. From this vantage point on Washington Street, I was able to capture the very different facade of Old [...]

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Last stop, Paris

After one week in Tel Aviv, we flew on a Sunday to Paris. On Monday morning, I woke before dawn for some reason and decided to walk out of our apartment in the 6th arrondissement to Pont Neuf and then Pont des Arts. I lucked out with a vibrant dawn and then turned to find a subtle rainbow over the Eiffel Tower! We ended up walking 13 miles that day starting at the Eiffel Tower then Place du Trocadero (both under construction/renovation), on to Arc de Triomphe and up the tight spiraling staircase then down Champs Elyses. That night we [...]

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Next Stop, Tel Aviv

We left London on Sunday morning and flew ElAl to Tel Aviv. I was born in Israel but hadn't been back in 20 years and my children had never visited. We had a great rental only a block and a half from the beach and with its own pool which helped a lot when temperatures routinely hit 90F.  We explored Tel Aviv's neighborhoods by foot and by scooter (Lime is big there with dedicated lines along the beach boardwalk). We visited Jaffa one day and Herzliya another. This was the 'relaxing' part of the trip and a nice way for [...]

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London Calling

On Wednesday, June 26, my family boarded an overnight flight to London for the start of a two week vacation. I hope you don't mind my taking a break from Marblehead images to share some of my favorites from this trip. We arrived in London on Thursday morning and stayed there until Sunday when we flew to our next destination. In those three days, we would walk over 20 miles from our AirBnB flat in Marylebone to Covent Garden, Buckingham Palace (for the changing of the guard), Westminster to board a boat ride up the Thames River, Borough Market and [...]

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Abbot in the Trees

I'm not sure anyone could guess where this shot was taken from... I had been driving up Atlantic Avenue heading to Shubies on September 26, 2015 when I noticed Abbot Hall jutting out over a canopy of trees. I had my camera in the car as I had just been shooting elsewhere and stopped to capture this unique view of Abbot in the trees. It almost appears as though the building lies in a forest somewhere.

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Shimoda Explore 30 Bag Review – Urban Backpacking

I don't normally do gear reviews on this site but did have one post a few years back entitled 'What's in my bag' and, with a change in the gear I use to capture landscapes and seascapes in the town of Marblehead, as well as a new backpack (the Shimoda Explore 30) to carry it in, I thought I would try my first review. Background There is a common trope about photographers and their obsession with finding the perfect bag. For a long time, I did not appreciate how true that was as my photography is mostly confined to a [...]

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