Between the clouds, rain, wind and work, this year, I only had two opportunities to capture the canopy of cherry blossoms at the Harris Street cemetery. I tried to make the most of those opportunities and looked for compositions I had not yet attempted in this small patch of land in historic downtown Marblehead.  I had better light on Friday at 5pm when I headed to the cemetery right after work and lucked out with a few rays of sunshine between dense cloud cover.

I had always wanted to capture the view looking up at the tree that marks the entry into the cemetery but never found the right light or angle. With my camera’s flip screen extended, I was able to lay the camera nearly on the ground and used my widest lens to take in the full canopy of cherry blossoms with hints of blue sky and white clouds overhead.

For its unique vantage point, this might be my favorite shot of the cherry blossoms in Marblehead this year. I’ll share a couple more this week so let me know which you prefer.