Under the Shade at Waterside

On Wednesday, I headed out to capture foliage at Waterside Cemetery and found several trees nearly at peak foliage. I tried to get as many compositions as I could knowing the wind and rain predicted might bring an early end to this leaf hunting season. Here red leaves lay under the shade of one of my favorite trees in town. I'm curious how it will look this weekend...

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Tombstones and Cherry Blossoms

Back to Harris Street for some new perspectives thanks to the very shallow depth of field of a 35mm lens. This is a collection of tombstones near the edge of the cemetery facing Harris Street and very close to the jagged stone wall. I crouched down and composed this shot to include the foliage of two of the cherry blossom trees resplendent in pink-purple flowers and backlit by the golden glow of sunrise.

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Aglow at Old Burial Hill

I spent a rainy Sunday looking through my oldest images in my To Be Published folder and decided to share some from 2011 to 2013 this week.  This image was captured on July 21, 2104 when I headed to Old Burial Hill as fog rolled into Marblehead and the sun descended in the sky. The backlit fog set Old Burial Hill aglow in beautiful light.

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Cherry Blossoms and the Rock Wall

My first trip to the Harris Street cemetery took place on Wednesday evening when the cherry blossoms had reached peak bloom and the small green leaves had yet to appear. Unfortunately, the sunset fizzled as clouds rushed in and I missed out on great light to highlight the beautiful flowers. As I left the cemetery, I stopped at the rock wall separating Harris Street from the grounds and graves to capture one last shot. I had never seen this part of the street empty of cars and I couldn't pass up the chance to capture this image of the cherry [...]

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Harris Street and the Cherry Blossom Tree

After arriving at the Harris Street cemetery on Friday, I quickly decided that the first tree had the fullest canopy and was also receiving the best light. I tried to capture the tree serving as a border between the cemetery with its ancient gravestones and the old houses making up historic downtown Marblehead just past its trunk. With the angle of the sun, I found my shadow kept appearing on the ground before me and ruining my compositions until I found this spot where I was able to crouch down and get the view I had envisioned.

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Canopy of Cherry Blossoms

Between the clouds, rain, wind and work, this year, I only had two opportunities to capture the canopy of cherry blossoms at the Harris Street cemetery. I tried to make the most of those opportunities and looked for compositions I had not yet attempted in this small patch of land in historic downtown Marblehead.  I had better light on Friday at 5pm when I headed to the cemetery right after work and lucked out with a few rays of sunshine between dense cloud cover. I had always wanted to capture the view looking up at the tree that marks the [...]

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Cherry Blossom Season

They're here! It's officially cherry blossom season in Marblehead as the three trees in the Harris Street Cemetery have bloomed. I visited the trees several times over the past few days and then returned with my camera gear tonight to capture a few images before sunset. In this image, I focused on the far tree which was reflecting the last light of sunset on some of its branches. I used my new lens and its very fast aperture to keep focus on the cherry blossoms and lightly blur the gravestones and distant tree. With rain in the forecast, I'm hopeful [...]

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A Gnome in Marblehead

On Wednesday, I visited Waterside Cemetery to capture a tree displaying peak foliage. As I explored various angles and compositions, I happened upon a gnome in Marblehead. The little statue was standing among fallen leaves and seemed to have been there for years as he had developed a large vertical crack at one point. I was so enamored with this Marblehead gnome that I shot him twice that day and with different lenses. I couldn't decide which I liked better so here are both images of the gnome I found on a Wednesday in Marblehead. [...]

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Under the Canopy at Harris Street

On the morning of April 27th, I arrived at the Harris Street cemetery to find the three cherry blossom trees at peak bloom and perfectly illuminated by the morning light. I spent the hour before work exploring angles and compositions to try to do some justice to the beautiful sight of these delicate pink flowers and the thoughts of spring that they immediately conjure. As I made my way out and toward the car, I grabbed my iPhone to share a quick view so others might stop and visit. When I did so, I spotted this composition and quickly switched [...]

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Tree of Life

In late May of 2013, I had gone out on a foggy morning looking for a new spot to shoot.  As I drove around town, I found myself going past the Star of the Sea cemetery and quickly pulled over when I saw this incredible tree among the headstones. It was difficult getting the full size of the tree in the frame while also finding a good foreground element to anchor the image.  The decision to process the final shot as black and white was easy in comparison.

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