I’ve gone out to capture the annual carnival at Devereux Beach for each of the past 10 years and have tended to shoot the rides in fog or reflected in rain puddles rather than focusing on the people who attend. This year, I made it a point to include teenagers in my shots – perhaps because I now have one teen and one tween.

On this night, I had been walking around to find some interesting compositions when I stopped in front of the Music Fest ride. This scene seemed to perfectly capture our annual carnival as it exists in 2019 – two groups of girls stand apart with the nearer ones wearing the hallmark leggings, two boys in front of the ride with one checking his phone and two young girls staring up at the thrill of the moving ride. The reflection in the rainwater and a crooked Cushing Amusements sign were just icing on the final composition.

For capturing the feeling of being a teenager on a night at the carnival (after they typical rain), this image was my 10th favorite captured in 2019.