Classic Photos at the Carnival

This year's Marblehead high school carnival at Devereux Beach took place under the best conditions in at least the past ten years (since we moved to town).  While the near-perfect weather meant for busy days and nights for kids in town, it meant far less interesting photo opportunities than I've had in years past.  Without puddles for reflections or fog to create a compelling mood, I had about given up on any photos this year. On Saturday afternoon, I headed to the carnival where my son and daughter were hanging out with friends (now too old to hang with dad). [...]

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Marblehead Carnival by the Sea

The Marblehead Carnival is here! Starting tonight, bring the kids to Devereux Beach and enjoy the annual tradition of rides and games at the carnival by the sea. As it does every year, the carnival invariably brings with it rain. It looks like this year's forecast only calls for passing storms tonight and clear skies for the rest of the weekend. This year may be a lot busier too with our right whales visiting and attracting people to Devereux Beach. I have been photographing the carnival since moving to Marblehead ten years ago. Here are some of my favorites:

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Carnival by the Sea

Another year has come and gone and with it the annual Marblehead carnival by the sea.  This year's carnival brought with it the usual inclement weather but a break in the rain and fog on Saturday night brought kids of all ages to explore rides and games.  I arrived just before sunset and flew the Phantom 4 Pro over the parked trucks in order to capture the carnival as I hadn't been able to in years past. I had always envisioned this image of the chair swing spinning with the ocean spread out beyond to help display the perfect setting [...]

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Rainy Days for the Marblehead Carnival

If you've been wondering what is responsible for the recent run of rainy days, look no further than Devereux Beach - the Marblehead Carnival is coming to town tomorrow, Thursday, May 4th!  It's become traditions that the annual Senior carnival brings with it inclement weather.  As a photographer, I've been delighted to visit the carnival on those rainy and foggy nights to capture images of the rides shining through the mist or reflecting in puddles. My full gallery of Marblehead Carnival images from the past eight years can be found below. Click the link for more:

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A Ferris Wheel Sunset

While rain frequently follows the Marblehead carnival as it sets up in town, the benefit of such weather also means the opportunity for beautiful sunsets.  The day after yesterday's image of the ferris wheel reflected in two puddles, I returned with my family and took the ferris wheel ride with my daughter at sunset. As we reached the top of the ferris wheel, I noticed the light over Devereux Beach and captured this image of the carnival, beach and ocean beyond.  Enjoy the Marblehead Carnival this weekend.

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Rain or Shine for the Marblehead Carnival

The Marblehead Carnival is in town!  For those who didn't notice the non-stop rain that always accompanies the Senior carnival or the signs posted around town, this will serve as your official notice to head to Devereux Beach for fried dough, old school rides and a fun four days. While the inclement weather has approached the feel of a running joke, the fog and rain have made for some great conditions to photograph the annual event.  Today's image comes from May 1, 2014 and an empty night at the carnival.  As you can see, recent rains had formed puddles in [...]

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Night of the Carnival

It's here!  The annual Devereux Beach carnival is this weekend and it looks like we'll finally have good weather for the entire duration of it.  While the children of Marblehead will no doubt be thrilled to enjoy the carnival on what promises to be a rain-free weekend, I can't help but look back to images from last year when the weather was perfect for this photographer. We had rain and fog on this first weekend in May and the carnival was fairly empty at night due to the conditions.  While others stayed home, I had the run of the small [...]

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Fried Dough at the Carnival

How about a break from the snow and cold for a look ahead at one of my favorite events during Spring in Marblehead - the Annual Devereux Beach Carnival! Last year offered incredible conditions for shooting the carnival with dense fog and rain leaving puddles throughout the grounds.  The carnival was nearly empty on this night and I went about capturing some of my favorite images of the carnival in the fog at night. I haven't shared this one yet but it was one of my favorites from the night.  The neon glow of the Fried Dough sign shining brightly [...]

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Foggy Night at the Marblehead Carnival

On Thursday, the annual Marblehead Carnival began and with it came rain.  It had rained for much of the day but stopped by dusk so I figured I would have to work for compositions around the crowd of people attending the fundraiser for the senior high school class. I arrived at Devereux Beach to find the carnival nearly empty and was thrilled to see not only puddles to use for reflections but also great fog.  Here are five images that captured the feel of a foggy night at the Marblehead Carnival.  Click any of the images below for a larger [...]

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Last Night at the Carnival

With the recent rains, I had already decided that I had to head to the carnival last night and then thick fog settled over Marblehead adding an extra dimension to the images I had envisioned.  I arrived at the Marblehead carnival as the blue hour of dusk came to an end and found a nearly deserted carnival with rides shining brightly in the fog but only a handful of people walking around. I didn't waste any time in exploring compositions including reflections in puddles and incorporating the eeriness of the fog.  The fact that the carnival was deserted on this [...]

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