Full Moon at the Carnival

This one took some planning... I've captured many images of the Marblehead Carnival over the last 15 years but knew I had the chance for a unique shot this year with the anticipated full moon rising on the second night of the Junior class carnival. I spent quite a bit of time over the last two days scouting the anticipated path of the full moon and finding locations that would bring it within the frame of the ferris wheel. I arrived at Devereux an hour before sunset and did more planning, lens checks and waited. And waited. The moon was [...]

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Carnival Sunrise

After ten years of shooting the annual Marblehead Carnival at Devereux Beach, I thought I had exhausted all compositions. With that and the grey skies (though no rain!) I had about given up on any new shots of this year's carnival. However, when I drive by Devereux the other day, I noticed the ferris wheel had moved to a new spot and had an idea in mind - I just needed some sun and for the wind to die down... This morning at 6:30, conditions fell into place. I drove down to the beach and launched my drone (hadn't used [...]

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Lost Carnival

The rain on Friday should have been my first clue but somehow the weekend came and went and it was only near the end of two picture perfect days that I remembered - this should have been the weekend of the carnival. I really love the carnival and have made it a point to shoot it each year. I remember being particularly excited for this year's event as I was told that Cushing Amusement had purchased a new taller ferris wheel that lit up and would have made a great centerpiece of any composition. I'm not sure if it helps [...]

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Top 10 of 2019 – #10 – Last Night at the Carnival

I've gone out to capture the annual carnival at Devereux Beach for each of the past 10 years and have tended to shoot the rides in fog or reflected in rain puddles rather than focusing on the people who attend. This year, I made it a point to include teenagers in my shots - perhaps because I now have one teen and one tween. On this night, I had been walking around to find some interesting compositions when I stopped in front of the Music Fest ride. This scene seemed to perfectly capture our annual carnival as it exists in [...]

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Spinning Neon

This is my last image of the Marblehead Carnival for the year and one of my favorites. I had set up my tripod in front of the Round Up ride and was shooting frames of the midway as the sun set and the blue hour passed. I hadn't yet managed to capture the view of the neon lights of the rides fully showcasing their movement until the sky had fully darkened.  It took an 8 second exposure and some luck in having both rides moving to realized this shot. The long exposure meant that the mostly teenage crowd on the [...]

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Tall Enough to Ride

One more from last weekend's carnival, I had set up in front of the Casino ride with a particular shot in mind - a mix of lights and reflections that I hoped to capture. As I was adjusting my settings and composition, I noticed a young girl walking up to the measurement sign checking to see if she was tall enough to ride.  I snapped a few frames as the girl stood tall and her sibling (I think) tried to figure out if she was indeed tall enough for the Casino ride. When I arrived home, this was my favorite [...]

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The Midway

This is the image I had hoped to capture when I left the house on Saturday night (the second night of the annual Marblehead carnival). I was disappointed (but not surprised) by the low attendance on Friday night and, as I mentioned in the weekend post, had learned the carnival hadn't even opened on Thursday night due to cold and rain. Finally on Saturday, we had a break in the rain that has plagued Marblehead for some 25 of the past 31 days. With the break in the rain, the crowds were far more impressive on Saturday night and I [...]

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Last Night at the Carnival

After a rain delay, the annual Marblehead High School carnival opened last night and welcomed teenagers to hang out among the rides, games and carnival food at Devereux Beach. My son was among the mainly seventh and eighth graders who took their place in attending this timeless tradition. I showed up at 8pm and spent an hour walking around and capturing a few images using scattered puddles from the intermittent rain to make for more interesting compositions. This was my favorite image from last night with the Music Fest ride in full swing and the name reflected in the puddle [...]

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Carnival Reflections

It's here! The annual Marblehead High School carnival begins tonight at 6pm at Devereux Beach. So, technically the carnival was set to open yesterday but, when I drove out to check it out and see if I could capture some new images, I was told by a 'gamer' that they decided to postpone due to the cold and rain.  It seems the rain always follows the carnival and I have enjoyed capturing images of the rides in the morning and night using puddles as reflections. This image is from 2014's version and back in the day when the Ferris wheel [...]

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Classic Photos at the Carnival

This year's Marblehead high school carnival at Devereux Beach took place under the best conditions in at least the past ten years (since we moved to town).  While the near-perfect weather meant for busy days and nights for kids in town, it meant far less interesting photo opportunities than I've had in years past.  Without puddles for reflections or fog to create a compelling mood, I had about given up on any photos this year. On Saturday afternoon, I headed to the carnival where my son and daughter were hanging out with friends (now too old to hang with dad). [...]

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