I started Wednesdays in Marblehead in 2010 in order to learn more about my new hometown having moved here in May 2008. Along the way, amazing opportunities opened up and I found myself selling prints of my work and, eventually, a book. I was just checking my home inventory of books and realized I only have 125 copies left of this second and likely final printing.

With that in mind, I wanted to mention that the book was available and maybe suggest it as a great gift for the recent graduate to take with them to college in the fall. It might make a great gift for dad or anyone who has recently moved to town or might miss views of this incredible place.

I try to keep any self promotion of prints to an absolute minimum but, having just received my first print orders in 4 months, I thought it was worth interrupting the regular flow of images with this quick message.

Order your own autographed copy today