This is one of those images that I like as much for the circumstances in which it was taken as the final image. We had gone out to meet our former neighbor (and kids’ surrogate grandfather in town) at the BYC for a dignhy ride around the harbor on a warm early summer afternoon (June 20th at 3pm). Not 5 minutes into the ride, he offered my daughter take the helm and she piloted us around under his direct supervision. I was there to shoot images of Marblehead from the water but spent as much time shooting them piloting as the scenes around me.  At this point, we had reached Fort Sewall and I found the fort with a perfect triangular backdrop of cloud cover. This image became a quick favorite and was my 2020 Calendar cover.

For the beauty of Fort Sewall under a perfect sky but also the experience of being piloted here by my daughter, this is my sixth favorite image of Marblehead taken in 2020.