Fort Sewall

Harvest Moon under the Tree at Fort Sewall

In the past week, my wife and both kids have celebrated birthday - needless to say, I haven't had a chance to shoot lately and especially not the recent full moon.  Thankfully, I captured several images of the Harvest moon that rose on October 4th and haven't had a chance to share them yet. I had decided to capture the Harvest Moon from along Front Street.  I started off at Lovis Cove and then walked along Front Street toward Fort Sewall as the moon rose in the evening sky.  At this point I had stopped at Fort Beach to take [...]

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Looking toward Barnegat

A few weeks ago, a picture perfect sky dotted with cumulous clouds passed over Marblehead and I decided to fly my Phantom 4 Pro to take advantage of the conditions.  I had shot over Castle Rock and the Neck earlier in the day and returned home to recharge batteries and grab a quick bite.  As the clouds were still plentiful at 4:00pm, I headed out again - this time to historic downtown. I was trying to decide an a location from which to fly as I drove down Washington Street and pulled into the Old North Church parking lot which [...]

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The Great Tree and the Perfect Storm

This image is the perfect example of the archive that I have built up over these past six years.  On July 24th, a perfect rain cloud passed over Marblehead and I was fortunate to have the camera in my trunk as I drove back into town.  I chased the cloud and great light from 7:30 until 8:10pm capturing a rainbow, beautiful sunset and a variety of images of this rain cloud. Here, I sought to include the great tree at Fort Sewall with a view out towards Marblehead Harbor and the golden light reflecting off the rain cloud.  The small [...]

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Fort Beach Sunset

On February 21st, I visited Fort Sewall to capture a full moon and ended up being treated to a nice Winter sunset.  I began shooting on the far end of Fort Sewall looking out toward Gerry Island and slowly made my way around as the sun set and the colors built up in the sky. As the light began to fade, I found this vantage point from atop Fort Sewall looking out over Fort Beach and the waning light of sunset.  This is one of the few spots where a lack of boats can be helpful to the scene.  In [...]

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Catching the Sunset at Fort Sewall

February 21st ended up being a very productive day with great light affording new compositions of Gerry Island (coming Wednesday) and this view of the great tree at Fort Sewall.  While I've taken photos from this spot before, I don't recall ever including General Glover's plaque in the frame. As the sun set, it lit up the plaque (as well as a house on the Neck) and I composed this image to include the benches looking out over Marblehead Harbor and the tree backlit by a beautiful Winter sunset.

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Childrens Island and the Neck Bathed in Golden Light

On February 21st, I headed to Fort Sewall to chase what was shaping up to be a nice sunset and to capture the moon rising behind the great tree.  As luck would have it, the clouds had moved into a perfect position to reflect and accentuate sunset's golden light and I ended up with a number of keepers from various locations at the fort. This image represents the peak of the golden light that illuminated Childrens Island and the Neck.  I had been shooting over Gerry Island when I spotted the clouds and quickly found a position from which I [...]

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Calm Morning on Fort Beach

Today's image comes from October 18th and an outing at dawn in the hopes of catching some early sea smoke.  The first hard frost of the year seemed to be a good time to catch some sea smoke but the wind and other factors prevented it from forming. Instead, I pointed my lens at the great tree at Fort Sewall and composed this image to capture the feel of a calm morning on Fort Beach.

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The Great Tree and the Rain Cloud

Yesterday's torrential rains reminded me of a unique opportunity I had in late July to capture a large rain cloud over Marblehead Harbor and the Neck.  I shared another image of this rain cloud focusing on the boats off Fort Beach.  Shortly after capturing that image, I made my way to Fort Sewall to explore additional compositions. I ended up shooting the great tree at Fort Sewall from two vantage points but preferred this one with the large rain cloud easily spotted over Marblehead Neck.  You can also just make out Marblehead Light visible through a break in the foliage [...]

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See the Stars at Fort Sewall

In the early morning hours of April 18, I had gone out in search of the Milky Way and returned with several images of the night sky over Marblehead.  This image was taken just after the one from the edge of Fort Sewall and before the next location at Castle Rock. I had envisioned this view of stars seeming to explode in light around the great tree at Fort Sewall and found this spot at the bottom of the small hill from which to shoot it.  It took a bit of work to bring out the stars while keeping light [...]

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The Milky Way over Marblehead Light

I never thought I would be able to capture the Milky Way over Marblehead.  With our proximity to Boston and the amount of light pollution in the night sky, shooting the Milky Way seemed to be a task reserved for photographers in Maine or the Cape.  However, after seeing some truly awesome images from last month's new moon of the Milky Way and with perfect conditions on Friday night/Saturday morning, I figured I would give it a shot. The first stop was borrowing the right lens for the task and I could not have picked a better person to reach out [...]

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